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The National Mall was about a mile and a half from my apartment went down to the Lincoln Memorial. And it was beautiful man. Nobody down there, and there were all these people and it was during the government shutdown. So they had everything shut down, And there was this random group of people in there singing, and it was just like spectacular. You look down and everything's just blanketed in snow, and that's rose. Remarkable. It is a when, when you know it's the Virgin snow. Nobody's walked on it yet and you don't see anybody it is. You know, you got the whole place yourself really is cool. Chris. Thanks for coming on. I'm sure will speaking before Super Bowl and get your pick is well, who do you like real quickly? You don't want my dick. I'm so wrong. I'm going I'm going with I'm going with Tampa Bay. There's more pence taters on Tampa Bay, I think. Okay, all right. I'm going with Kansas City, which means Tampa's a lock, absolute lock. Bet your house on travel teams, Then we'll know if I bet a dollar on Kansas City you can literally take the deed your house and double the value of your home if you put on Tampa Bay. Well, I'll bet a dollar that my bedding jinx is more profound than you're betting. Johnny your You know what you're like to me. You're like, you know, but you're bad luck to mine. My bad luck is like when I'm you know, five years old jumping on the my mattress saying, Hey, Mom, Look, I can almost touch the moon. That's how close I am to good luck, You know, bouncing on a mattress said thinking I could touch the boon. Billion millions of miles. Millions of miles, you know, spend five we should use. Come on one night. We're not. We don't talk about snow, where schools or anything, and we'll just go back and forth on a crappy luck stories, and it could be four hours. Challenge accepted. Okay. All right. Chris had Carlo everybody And thanks for coming on Bub Rubber Live on K. If I am 6 40 more now with Debra Martin State, Local officials are struggling to build a clear plan to reopen schools. Governor Newsome laid out a plan with incentives for districts that are ready to open this month. The superintendents and unions have criticized them plan for being too rushed infection rates, the Los Angeles area are still well above. Level, which must be met to reopen schools L. A school district superintendent, Austin Beutner zeroed in on the governor's plan. While talking about re opening, he says the state needs clear and consistent roles in schools need measures to limit risk. Final piece to reopen classrooms is vaccinations for all who work in schools. The California Teachers Association says schools in the Purple tear County should not reopen until caseloads come down. San Carlo. OK, if I knew 10 Republican senators have been proposing spending about one third of what President Biden wants in the next round of covert 19 stimulus. Biden's plan includes $1400 in stimulus checks for most Americans. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says Congress must take hold must take bold and robust action. It makes no sense to pinch pennies when so many Americans are struggling. The risk of doing too little. Is far greater than the risk of doing too much. Republicans plan includes targeted stimulus relief at 160 billion for vaccines, testing treatment and personal protective equipment. Ah World War two veteran in Britain, who raised almost $45 million for covert 19 relief, has been diagnosed with the virus captain Sir Tom or got famous last April when he pledged to walk 100 laps around his back garden before his 1/100 birthday to raise money for what he called the heroes working in Britain's National Health Service. The news is brought to you by cunning dental. Dana Point has become the first whale heritage site in the Americas. There are only three others in the world Captain Days will watching Co president Giselle Anderson says the honor requires a community effort of whale research, protection and public access. Dana Point is especially unique because Of all of the Southern California locations were the closest to these very deep coastal canyons where you have the cold, nutrient rich water, she says. That attract that attracts visits throughout the year from five different species of whales, as well as five species of dolphins and a former mayor of San Diego has announced he is running for governor of California in 2022, Kevin Faulconer said in an online video, the California has become a failed state under Governor Newsome's leadership, he says he's running to make a difference. It's not to make promises. Falconer, who was a Republican, served two terms as mayor of San Diego from the Southern California Toyota dealers Traffic.

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