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Trump's former campaign chair in exchange for lesser charges and information, Paul Manafort agreed to cooperate with special counsel, Robert Muller as part of a deal for him to plead guilty to two counts of conspiracy. What information Manafort would provide was not made clear, but he replied, I do after the judge asked him if he understood he was agreeing to cooperate fully and truly Manafort also agreed to forfeit for homes and money in a number of Bank accounts. He remains behind bars following his convicts. Last month on tax fraud charges. ABC's Aaron Katersky. White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders says today's deal has nothing to do with the president or his campaign deputies in weld county are investigating after five vehicles were stolen from a car dealership. Deputies say the cars were stolen from Birkin. Qatar Motors near Brighton apparently overnight Wednesday into Thursday. The used cars included to lexuses two forwards and a Nissan deputies have been able to recover one of the cars. There are surveillance images of a suspect on the weld county sheriff's office website, and deputies are asking for the public's help. In identifying that person hurricane Florence has been downgraded to a tropical storm National Hurricane Center says Florence's producing tropical storm force wind gusts on the Carolina coast life threatening storm surges are expected to continue through the night. Five deaths are blamed on that storm the US mission to the United Nations says a UN report on the implementation of UN sanctions on North Korea was editor. By russia. The mission says that Russia put pressure on a UN panel to alter its report. And that it's the latest example of Russia. Covering up cases where it's been implicated in violating Security Council resolutions related to North Korea secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. We are still continued have many conversations with the DPRK about how to affects you, wait and cheating. All the commitments that were made during the Singapore summit Pompeo says there have been clear sanctions violations. Sharon meadow in San Francisco's Golden Gate park is officially being renamed. Robin Williams meadow the new signs being installed today. After city supervisors approved of the name change last year. The late Williams often performed at that park Rockies trying to hang onto a one and a half game lead over the dodgers.

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