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So here we go on side kick coming up for the lions. They'll try to get it back down. Eight here Cyber. With the onside kick. It's going to be fielded cleanly by Warner. At the 43 yard line. That time Cyber did not get the bounce that he was looking for. So here's the situation. Lions have three timeouts left, they could conceivably get a three and out and get the football back. But you're really just can't give up the first down here at all to San Francisco, where this one's pretty much over. Yeah, I mean, they have opportunity and now is on the defense and you know, we have been able to say that in years past, but The defense gets opportunity to make a big stop if they can three and get these guys off the CIA, So here comes San Francisco in an I formation Garoppolo up under center lions Really stacking that line. Elijah Mitchell Back in the I We got a flag. False start. San Francisco to back him up. Five Start offense number 85 5 Yard Penalty post now. Good way to start the drive. That's what you're looking for. Remember? Hand back him up. Not everybody stayed. But the fans that have been making some noise. Sure off San Francisco. Now look at it. The 1st and 15 grappling moves in behind center formation behind him. Mitchell is the deep back Garafalo takes the snap gives Mitchell over the left side hit and taken down, Got a yard to the 47. Good pursuit by the defense lines burned their first time out with a minute one to go. Elin McNeil, first man in their Detroit their first 32nd time out. Nice job by the rookie Allene McNeil. Just ride this guy down the line of scrimmage and come and make them nice tackle that place. You can see the momentum right now is with the lions. They got all the momentum going that way right now. So it's now second down 14 to go from the 47 yard line of Detroit Lions trying to get it back down. 41 33 with a minute to go. Lions are going to run a man on late. It's John Penner Seanie. Now they've got to get a guy off. The field before San Francisco snaps that they do, Tracy Walker. They keep it on the ground. It is mixing again. He stood up able to spend forward for a yard or two lions burned their second time out with 58 seconds to go. Derrick Barnes made that stop. Nice job. Burns Burns just coming up the man just filling that gap, Nice job and again, the guys up front. They're keeping their guys where they have to gap and territorial integrity. Just like T. J talked about the day It's 3rd and 13. You've got to be ready for a pass here. You've got to be ready for safe rolling out of Garoppolo could throw it here and get pressure on him. Dan, That's the biggest thing. Get personal. Don't give them the opportunity to sit back down. 58 seconds to go Lions. Trying to get the ball back down. 8 41 33. It is 3rd and 3rd. 18 for San Francisco from the Lion 46 Michael Hasty checks in it. Running back, Garoppolo play action Fake wants to throw Now he checks down underneath It is caught. First Down Depot single lost the ball. It's free on the ground of the lines have got it. He fumbled it The lion to take it away. He had the first down but couldn't hang onto the ball. The Lions come out of the pile with it. It's the rookie Mel Afan will with it. He fought to Mel Afan. Who comes out of there with the football and the lions have got it And they still have one time out to go and try nine seconds left. Trey Flowers came in there with the strip late to get that ball out away from Deebo. Samuel. Just a great hustle. Play by Trey Flowers, Man, This is exciting right here. So the lions have a chance there back in this thing down 8 70 yards from the end zone they need Need a touchdown in a two point conversion. Here we go. Jared Goff Out of the gun. San Francisco shows a four man front golfs got it back to pass loads up throws deep left side one Trinity Benson. It is not the way it incomplete. Dontae Johnson. Good coverage that time able to knock that one away. Average. And again, Jared Right now he's looking deep. He's looking to try to get the ball downfield. Yes, with the chunk plays and again those are 50 50 balls that can go either way. You're looking for you to our guys to get or maybe even get a penalty. API our some type of human be off of these plants. 47 seconds left 2nd and 10 lions from their own 30. Golf out of the gun. San Francisco too deep safety is about 15 yards off the ball. Golf. Straight draft drifts left throws caught 50 yard line knocked out of bounds. Prostate Brown picked up 20 on the play lions with the first down clock stopped with 42 seconds left lions 50 yards from the end zone they need now. Lions have time to huddle. Now they break that come to the line Golf works out of the gun. Three receivers right one left golf. Looking out over that defense leans in, got the football back to pass golf loads and throws deep down the sideline wants see facing complete. Bit high Perceived is down at the 28 yard line who was locked up in coverage. Dontae Johnson was on in there. So it'll.

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