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Orlando a long stare in now we'll step out and he keeps doing it too young players in the yankee lineup brian did tours now he's doing the end do hard knows how to get in the hitters heads jv's really good at this the one one line drive down the right field live foul and it's one to one of the things that really stood out to me when you and i were talking to aj hinch the astros manager before the game is out justin burland earned garrett cole or kind of in a league by themselves in the fact that when they're watching every single game when they're not pitching they're obsessed with picking setting up and whether it's picking up someone tipping pitches whether it's someone secondary lead like in the case of tourists here's the one to breaking ball popped up left side of the infield gary l the third baseman just in fair territory behind the bag makes the catch for the first down it was just really talking about the obsession of trying to be the best that that those guys can be garrett cole comes over to pittsburgh and he's pitching the best we've seen him he's really made a lot of adjustment so you know it's it's certainly something they can be contagious and certainly a great advantage for any young pitcher coming up in the astros system to be able to learn from people like justin nha hinch was joking about it saying yesterday you got to see it up close as yours the game against cleveland it was in the trainer's room getting to watch the game a bit with with coal and burland or at different moments and observed the way they picked up on things one out nobody on a three nothing astros lead in the bottom of the third walker will call time is very landry again was taking awhile neil walker signed as a free agent by the yankees in the off season they tried to trade for him last year during the season but didn't like the price and passed fouled neo to from pearland breaking ball line to left field md but room for ginzalo in front of the track by quite a few steps will make the catch for the second out as brett gardner comes to the plate we'll see how he he approaches this at bat against verlinden to start the game he swung at the.

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