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Actual capability distance and they would fire it somewhere across you know some empty area of the pacific ocean and they would do that with a nuclear warhead and that would prove to things in the world one we have the capability to mount a nuclear warhead on a missile so stop saying we don't and to it shows the capability for re entry of that third stage or secondstage depending on what kind of missile day launch of the missile so if you wanna talk about you know something that needs to be demonstrated to prove to the world and perhaps even to you know make get a definite for the north korean scientists engineers space program etc that's the final step that they would have to take and a lot of people would even say they would need to do that several times approved that the missile operates consistently well bruce because of these promises are just flung out there is there precedent for this they flung out promises of shutting down nuclear test sites and no more missile tests before did his father do this yes he did again back in two thousand seven the grievance that they made with the united states in the chris hill team which also included such people as victor cha and al wong the promise they made back then was complete dismantlement so they were going through the steps to completely dismantle their nuclear program or at least that's what they were saying when they ran into problems in two thousand eight when it came to verification so they drug us along for almost two years before we and we made watch concessions including taking them off the list of terrorist supporting states and when we finally got to the end where they had to abandon all those facilities tear them down get rid of the weapons verification that's when they walked away from the talks and so that's why i think we need to be so careful this time to make sure they do that first and then we start making so this is their playbook so far no deviation from the deception of before exactly john gordon bruce i assume that while the suspension on testing is in effect we have north korean technicians engineers scientists beavering away making all the improvements on the.

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