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Because you know it's not they're just not mature enough to handle it. It will be like taking. You know you're the young kid and send them to a college university better than early age not not necessarily for the education but just the experience. Let's of everything going with her. Just not old enough mature enough to make good decisions so you you are illuminating. The fact that why don't I never fou- correct and so he had just looked at it and said I just don't here's what happens dad so you didn't have a problem home with with our generation because it wasn't available yet. The problem is with Jason. I for me is my grandkids. They know way more about this stuff than I know that to Jason's credit he's found out what you need to know because he's got teenage kids. I'm telling a adult children. You GotTa know this because your kids are come on so we need help. Is What what I'm saying. It's not a roll up your sleeves at ways to protect your house and your kids and those you love. That's right so I got good news We got a group because circle which circle home plus is what they're called but basically they come up with an APP is going to help you to be able to block things? Is that your children. See and don't see you block it your whole home which is really powerful and so we have it It's fantastic basically. There's much needed as much needed because look a guy like me unless shows me how to plug it up at my house. I don't know what they've got so many blocks even on our TV. Half the time. I'll go to try to watch something. That's not bad and I can't get a block because macy's has changed the code and I'm like what are the numbers I can't remember member but you know what these are good problems because I'm trying to and she's trying to protect our family especially the immature and what we see on also we see yeah so anyway. It it Circle home plus plug straight into your router. You download the APP. You can keep track of everything across every connected device last laptops phone tablet. TV everything because now we're connected you know whatever so it's really good. It helps you to protect.

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