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Good morning. I'm David Greene. Steve inskeep. This story assured a set tongues wagging academic research makes the case in favor of gossip one study finds that people spend an average of fifty two minutes per day talking about other people and the gossip has a bad reputation as idle jealous vindictive. It's not always so bad. Here's NPR's Alison Aubrey if you want to know how much people gossip and what they gossip about one way to find out is to get them to wear a portable recording device that could capture their every word. That's what researchers did is part of the new study it included about five hundred people study out there Megan Robins of the university of California riverside. So she wanted to know how much gossip is trash talk and how much positive, but what she uncovered kinda surprising. We actually found that the overwhelming majority of gossip was neutral. So about three quarters of the gossip that we heard in our sampled. Sations was neither positive or negative. In other words, people just love to talk about other people. But a lot of it is just chatter with no real judgment. Jeremy cone teaches psychology at Williams College. We sure tons and tons of social information, but it isn't necessarily, you know, salacious or extreme think about your own conversations. A lot of it is just oh Judy. Ted went to Florida uncle Jimmy had a kidney stone. Did you hear ama- gutter driver's license? Much of those just simply kind of documenting of the facts or just sharing information about others. This study has another interesting findings to turns out women and men gossip about the same and extroverts gossip more than introverts now, many people do engage in negative judgmental gossip, but even this can serve a purpose. I think gossiping can be very smart thing to do. That's lena. Martin nephew of King's College London. She studied the influence. Of gossip in the workplace, it allows people to keep track of what's going on it allows people to bond and to create social alliances with other people from an evolutionary perspective. We are wired to gossip she says it can help build group cohesion and his sense of cooperation because when you gossip you can keep track of who's contributing and who was giving back to the group, and who is being selfish and by sharing this information with your group members, you can exclude those those people who are not members who are social loafers in one of Martin 'scuse own studies. She analyzed what happens when a person learns that they're the one being gossiped about turns out people feel hurt and angry. But it can also motivate them to improve we found that negative gossip makes people likely to repair the aspects of their behavior that they were criticized for so if people gossip that you always got. To work too late hearing that gossip could nudge to be on time and trigger a change in your behavior for the better Allison, Aubrey NPR news. So this winter was pretty warm and pretty wet across much of the United States. And for most states. This means not only more greenery, but also more rodents and more snakes. So how can you try and avoid snakes? If you're not a fan. And what do you do if you are bitten here's NPR's petty name? And this makes we worry about the most are pit vipers copperheads. What am I Cus and rattlesnakes? The right now he's in a classic strike posture. Very defensive curled up. Yeah. He's a coil with s curve on his neck so ready to strike biologist. Jared FOX in woodsy snake friendly area in southern California. Fox works with canine, loft company, which runs rattlesnake voidance classes. He trains dogs had to avoid snakes whose rattle for them. And for us is a warning. They don't want to hurt us. We are way too big. They cannot eat us. So it's purely defensive my dog Baxter took this training class. But I wanted to know how humans can avoid snakes. So I asked yard Dr Mark Morocco to join me on a hike back their backs to come try to keep your dog on a leash and then you're less likely to have Baxter. Get bit by snake back there. Morocco works at the moment. Reagan UCLA medical center, he says the number one rule and hiking and snake territory. Stay on the trail. You wanna be able to see your feet don't get off into the high brush on the sides of the trail because that's where the snakes are going to be. They're going to be harder to see. And if you rock climbing watch where you put your hands, the next important thing to think about what you wear on your feet, it is Los Angeles. And so you will see people on trails like this in flip flops, not a good idea. Most people would argue that you should be wearing boots with high sides. If you're in a place where there are lots of snakes. I would just prefer that you least where shoes. We do see some barefoot people come into the emergency apartment. You're saying you were barefoot where wearing long pants can also help since most dolts get bitten in the lower leg every year. There are thousands of snake bites in the US many involving children I've seen a number of patients in my career little kids who've been bid on the face or the dominant hand because that's what kids do they see this thing they reach out to touch it and bang. They get a snake by a bite on the face is more serious than abide on the leg or hand and children can get very sick very quickly. If someone gets bitten Morocco says, call nine one one immediately looks like a burn infection all in once you have swelling and blistering, and you can have some bleeding and some redness, that's when we know there's a lot of venom in the bite. Anti-venom drugs are highly effective, which is why you should get to a hospital as soon as possible. In the meantime, don't do anything that you see on the movies and TV turn kits and cutting. An ex over the thing and sucking the venom out dramatically, none of that has any effect on the outcome of snake bites. Instead, stay calm motionless of possible to slow down the distribution of snake? Venom in your body when you get injected with snake venom, it's just like getting shot. So the harder your heart beats the higher your circulation, the more mixing blood and venom and moving it around. So I'm gonna keep it as localized where the snake bite is possible. Ideally, lay flat on the ground until the ambulance.

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