Senator John Cornyn, Texas, Judiciary Committee discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Away briefly for Thursday into Friday. But then increase again for the weekend overnight. We can't rule out a passing storm, but not real likely most dropping down into the mid sixty s a chance of a pop-up storm on Thursday, highs in the low eighties. I'm meteorologist Mark sibito. From the Weather Channel on San. Antonio is official weather station. Newsradio twelve hundred w away. I. First of all the stories that we're following NewsRadio twelve hundred. Texas Senator John Cornyn who is a former Texas surpreme court Justice attorney general is one of the most respected members of the judiciary committee. And he says he's skeptical of the allegations against Brad Kavanagh interview with twelve hundred w OA, I news Cornyn summed up his reaction to the three people making allegations against Cavanaugh part of a concerted political campaign, every democratic member of the judiciary committee had already come out opposed to the nominee fee. Also blasted democrat Dianne Feinstein for sitting on Christine Ford's allegations for months until she sprung them last week and hopes of delaying confirmation until after the midterms and the only people who've given sworn statements Gordon said cannot cooperate Ford's allegations carry Laki, News Radio twelve hundred W O A, I read Cavanaugh type controversy right here in Texas. Republican state Senator Charles Schwartz star who's a Republican from the Austin area has been accused by a UT student of sending sexually explicit messages to her. Schnur denies the charges. Lieutenant governor Dan Patrick says that he's deeply concerned about the allegations. Texas Democrats say that if the allegations are true Schwarzenegger, who's running for re election is unfit to serve bad guys, beware. The better county sheriff's department has a new fighting robot sheriff caviar air Salazar says it can go through rough terrain and help us what standoffs occasionally used to carry in flash.

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