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Do we think I don't think so not to mind all age? He hasn't where he would've. I know that taxes could Leach wasn't a head coach when Sabin was at Michigan state, and then saving went to the NF us at LSU. I don't think they would've played Texas Tech. And then he went to the NFL, and then he came back, and they haven't Texas Tech played Alabama in a condo. But Mike Shula was the coach. Then so, yeah, it'll be awesome. Let's let's be honest. It would be awesome. Now garner men's shoe is definitely kind of transformed the whole or around that team. But also, and this is an important thing. I guess the question the question, and it's the same thing in the wash matchup is the Washington state office alliance been so good all season. Can I is this the caliber of defense that maybe gives them more trouble than they've had? You know, if you're Washington you're looking at the blueprint of the cow game or cow one. I mean, Washington state one nineteen thirteen on a last minute. Touchdown. And if you look at it, you say, oh, meant you had similar staffs to what he usually has. But you know, that's the key with your facing Mike Leach team. Just keep him out of the end zone. They're going to get their yards. Keep him out of the end zone. And that's certainly washing going gonna try to do this week. There's also this little game going on in Columbus, Ohio. You might have heard of before we get to that game. I do want to ask you. So I didn't get a chance because of our game to see any of the Ohio State Maryland wild game that it was. But we've talked a lot about urban Myers health. What do you? So you watched that game, I gather, and what do you make of it? And what do you make of his situation? Now that you've kind of had time to absorb it and see in real time. It's really hard to watch. I'm. It's frustrating that people. I I know why understand why? But the people on Twitter mock, his health and think he's faking it or whatever, you know, I don't make jokes about somebody's health. I don't think that doctor that put out that statement a few weeks ago was making it up that would be rather illegal on his part. He's got a cyst on his brain. And it's gotten worse. The he he has stress related headaches. And he clearly gets very very stressed in these Taekema when his team is making all these inexplicable mistakes penalties turnovers letting Anthony McFarland the Maryland running back run for seventy five yards on you every other play. It is really hard to watch..

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