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While we choose whom to endorse in the Democratic primary. If you like the argument we have a feeling. You're gonNA love the choice. Here's our first episode explaining a little bit more about the show. Thanks for giving the choice to try. I'm Andrew Young and I'm running for President United I'm going to run through a lot. He was a wonderful by sort of without the baggage so to speak world smart absolutely charity. I'm Katie Kingsbury. I I oversee the editorial board of the New York Times for more than a century. One of the highest privileges of the board has been endorsing a presidential candidate. Historically the board has is published their decision after intense off the record interviews with candidates behind closed doors but this year for the first time in our history where breaking our own rules. I'm bringing you with us. The New York Times opinion section. Welcome to the choiced Unlike a board of Directors or trustees the Times editorial board made up of Fourteen Opinion Journal where experts in their respective subject matters. I'm Brent staples can I write about politics. Culture Race Education economics a a whole range of health science research. Maimon and I write about foreign affairs. Alex Kingsbury I cover issues about technology politics foreign policy in the military. The Shelf Katelyn. I covered national politics. Appelbaum and I write about economics and business for the editorial board. I'm Jesse Wegmann right about the Supreme Court and legal issues. My name is Mara Gaye and I cover your box and I write in a variety of editorial. I'm Lauren Kelly I cover women and reproductive rates Joan Broder and I edit just about everything Harris. Chris and I'm an editor and writer covering culture and society. Jim Del.. I'm the deputy editorial page editor and I run. The op-ed section. I'm Charlie were L. and I write about the way. Technology is changing the world. We're in the opinion section at the Times which means completely separate from its newsgathering operation. The newsroom's mission is to present the world as it is an hours to present the world as it should be well. Our missions are separate. We operate within the same standards needed for accuracy. Clarity and fairness we've been publishing our choice. The highest office since eighteen eighteen sixty in those divided times. We urged voters to embrace a tall Republican named Abraham Lincoln. The board comes to decisions by doing doing something very few in America. Get a chance to we sit down with each candidate by themselves for over an hour and ask them any question. We want it safe to say that before for these interviews started. We as a board had no clue whom we did endorse no clear. Choice had emerged primary debates. And we're eager to figure out the best candidate for the Democrats we wanted to. I know who would be the most effective president with the temperament and character best duty for the job but we also know the biggest question on the minds of many Democratic voters is who can beat Donald Trump. They have a lot to think about. The twenty twenty election is beginning in the shadow of voter suppression election hacking presidential impeachment not to mention frightening in climate change in escalating foreign conflicts. So if voters deserve total transparency as. They make their decision as to who should run against Donald Trump. So Oh every day for the next. Two weeks will release an intimate interview with a different Democratic candidate. Away from the project Veritas. And she says staff. You are not allowed no sorry. Ah You'll hear US ask the critical questions about their pitch. To the American people. Helping Women Democratic nomination let alone the presidency without the support of black voters and their strength as a candidate. And I'm the only one that has support across the spectrum of every single element of Democratic Party and get the answers. They never have time to give on the debate stage and nobody. Nobody does well at this question. Nobody ever wants to answer. This problem will also be releasing a supplementary episode every day the takes you inside the board celebration. Gratien and reactions after the candidates visits. I don't want to go as far as today. But he just evaded your question. He might have lied When he said there was an after. Every when it comes to see us. We'll sit down as board for final debate discuss whom the time should give. Endorsement values are in the right place. Just don't see how he makes the case for being a national league at the end of our series so here our final decision. Listen to our arguments for and against but ultimately make the choice for yourself torness on Monday. The first endorsement interview Senator Bernie Sanders do like it may not change. When I got to the white I see that as an advantage people know why what voice stand for. And if you WANNA watch how we did all this check out the January nineteenth episode of the weekly on Fx or Hulu after that and this is the choice. Subscribe now on Apple podcasts..

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