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Meghan Loveland, J. Johnson, Msnbc discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Bones so whole resident Meghan Loveland is sad but not discouraged that saw a number of peaceful protests last night and it was beautiful the props were walking hand in hand with protesters looking about twelve thirty last night things kind of turn sideways love land and build the vizio decided to do something positive to help clean up so with garbage bags in hand they picked up looting debris and it feels good because it's taking action and dad where it action works wonders following the violence in many U. S. cities former homeland security secretary J. Johnson says the rioting and looting undermines the message behind the protests protest that crosses into violence is counterproductive to the message it undermines the message it seeks the moral high ground and it strengthens the hand of those on the other side of the debate Johnson appeared on MSNBC there's a new tool that offers some insight into the nation's often strained discussion about racist Smithsonian's national museum of African American history and culture has launched a new online initiative to help address the nation's racial divide our portal talking about race is set up as a way of providing tools and help for individuals who want to get to have important conversations about race Spencer crew is the museum's interim director Jim chrysalis CBS.

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