Reporter, Adam Silver, Brent Musburger discussed on The Rich Eisen Show


The yahu finance reporter of his name is miles ostlund i don't know if i'm pronouncing his name right or not but i just saw this this was tweeted into my time line he's quoting mark cuban saying that sports teams values may double with legal betting adam silver say he wanted one percent yeah and then we asked that of musburger brent musburger when he was on a he laughed he's like sports leagues are gonna get shut out of this like why would states give the sports leagues cut unless the sports leagues have a legal leg to stand on to say hey we're the ones who are putting these events on right if you're getting money to use the phrase we wanna let are a little bit andrew branston as a lawyer he's been in nfl front office he's been covering this for months he will be joining us in our number three ron darling as well but let's take a break right now when we come back how is it being viewed in boston what what the celtics have done so far and obviously he knows a lot about the boston sports world let's get right down to it this whole brady bella check crafting how will it manifest itself when tomita volative temper i don't think it will very much they usually put the velvet ropes around any story that's negative for the team suck the oxygen out of the sports media room they usually do it in their own locker room to dan shaughnessy of the boston globe when we come back here on the rich eisen show with your phone calls at eight four four two four rich number to dial hey folks you've heard me talk about my sleep number bed and how great night of sleep and i get my sleep number setting is sixty the reason why i tell you that is suzy's my wife's is seventy we each like our side of the bed the way we like it maybe you've considered a sleep number bed but thought you couldn't afford one but can you really afford another restless night's sleep and before you do anything you gotta go to a sleep number store and experienced the adjustable comfort of sleep number bed by yourself again my wife and i each choose the comfort and support that's right for us on our side of the bed.

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