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And then I'll go to New York, and then I'll come to LA that was the whole plan and strategy doesn't mean I wasn't popping in and out of LA all the time. But I I love Joey more. You gotta do this. I was like y'all pick you up and go to the airport not knowing that he was having a fucking ball. And I was going to be driving around at six AM trying to find trying to get a hold of like, I quit, you know, young motivated Kim's trying to pick him up. So I love that that era, and I've always have like a love hate relationship. With who Babbitt is, you know, he did a lot for that club to bring in all the top guys. I mean, my God Mitch Hedberg, you know, did his album there. Joe Rogan, I think did his first album. My did you did for? I mean, my God it was like that room. Right. So but at the same time he fucking ruin that place. Like, unfortunately, you know, it ruined. And then Pete took over and then that whole happened. And then they moved the club. And it was just like lost this nostalgia Pete. Every time. I go to Houston. Yeah. It comes out. He brings a big group to yet at. To the point where like have Twitter. People are talking about. Pizzas. Pete was a beat was a great guy from. Yeah. He really was. He that club is established. Yeah. Brought me down 'cause Dane canceled at the last minute, right? And they were like this guy's like Dame and Pete's like I'll take him. Yes. Fun. That's why has sold out shows that weekend 'cause Dane was supposed to be there. And he was like funny. I just had a kid. I think and he was like once you come down thanksgiving. I'll pay you I'll pay three grant, which is a lot. I mean, it's a lot. Now is a lot to me. Me put me in. He said bring your daughter bring a wife and put me up at a really nice like sweet and Tell L. us about one bus. Thanksgiving's I've ever had in my life. Look man, I at the same like for Mark the way he ran that club was like almost he was trying to do it with the with the store was doing, you know, hang out at the club or else. You don't go up. And that's the way it's going to be. I'm like, what are you talking about? You know, like I'm trying to be a good comedian here. I'm trying to be great. I'm going on the road. I'm doing one nighters. You can't fuck and punish me for working on the road. And when I come back, I'm present. You can't be like where were you last Monday? And that's what he would do to me. I mean, I was like seventeen eighteen nineteen year old kid. I'm like, bro. I I don't understand. So I went to the comedy showcase. And that was like where ralphie may was mentored by Danny Martinez. Who's my mentor as well? And and and and that's why learned standup was from Danny why everybody was just trying to hang out at the laugh, stop and get his attention. So they can get stage time I was getting stage time, and I was getting better than when pizza Culver. He was very kind to me and brought me in right away. He's like weisensee guy working fucking room. No brainer. And he would bring me on all the time. And actually, I had a similar story. What's his name? Cancel doesn't. Do. I don't do. Fucking second show Friday. Oh, my God come on smoke, cigarettes, dice dice dice dice que. He's I don't do. No seconds show Fridays. So Pete calls me. Hey, man dies. Doesn't wanna do. Second ranking come headline room. It was like my first experience headlining the room. And I walked in there. Like ISIS up there. Don't fucking don't go up. He's up there hanging out. And I was like whatever it's my room. Now, I'm gonna go say Hello. I loved ice to use this opportunity tummy. I can't go up. I went up. There was making a sandwich doing that..

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