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Told me it only find for. Who've been in professional baseball, all the parts of eight decades as been Scotland. Tommy Lasorda don's Emmer and they've got SIA and come January first twenty twenty hawk oh, go in. What about about Joe Torry? Joe Torry be one of those guys to Joe Torey joke toy. Joe. Joe Torre was such a big asset that wanted to them when when when bud retired, but was, you know, there's been ten commissioners in baseball. I've been to eight of them. Right? You only missed a Landis in happy Chandler. Right? That's it. Yeah. And that's the only two I missed. I've been. I've seen them all in but about say, was the best Commissioner in my time of eight by far boy Coon did a good job 'cause he has some tumultuous times in baseball when he was a Commissioner and he took care of him, you got a terrific job, but I tell you who has has to be a great Commissioner was bar Giamatti and unfortunately is timely demise took care of that, but but I thought when bud retired that was that was lobbying and pulling Joe tour to become Commissioner because he's. A smart guy and one of the job he did, you know, you know, it's tough to play in New York. Some guys just can't play there and we've seen a lot of players come in there from other towns, successful to New York, and they just didn't do it. Joe manage their and it's the toughest down in sports to manage in. And he just such a great job and he's doing a great job now. I just wish that if he could get more more thirty to do stuff as far as taking care of, you know, length of games if they would put, you know bud. Bud, but Yang shore holes and Joe Torry together in lesson figure it out. They could make, you know, first of all, you're not going to be able to not gonna be able to speed up the game. There's one way to speed up baseball games, and that's you've gotta have control the empire's and baseball does not have control. We don't pies, they have autonomy, and but you if you get Joe west, John Carlos and Joe Torre together and let those guys come up with they could. They could fix that, but Joe is wonderful person. It was a hell of a player to do on the baseball field run. No, no, he could run. He would hit four hundred instead of three would've. He those slowest. Oh, Paul kinetico in there too. Fault him. We're not fleet-footed hawk Harrelson's new book is I did it my way hawk I did it my way I should say written with Jeff snook for triumph, publishing and hawk I could ask you baseball stories gal stories all day long. But before we let you go, he talked about some of the partnerships you had with your fellow broadcasters. And of course you are now known for some time saying things that surprise, people that might not have conformed to notions of political correctness, sometimes inadvertently. And you talk in the book about the reactions from your different broadcast partners when you would say something off color or or perhaps inappropriate? Oh, yeah. Who had partners, seventy five Vic stocks, and that was his rookie is about baseball broadcasters. Well, of course, Nick is become one of the great compass about casters of all time. He can do any sport, but for various gain playing training with the Red Sox and seventy five. We're playing. Montreal shortstop named Tim Foli and so about the fourth inning only plate and dick looks at manny's hockey says, tell me about Tim Foli ASA. Well, he's five. He's got big balls out there and back in, you know, that was a little out of four look at me, put his over his mouth. Then after the game was over, my wife is waiting for me outside, and I walked down and say, Honey, let's go pack. We don't get fired. What was it like working with Steve Stone. Good, good. My favorite of course was, you know, Don Drysdale you know, me Don van skelly and you know. Take something. In fact, he still holds the record for most about movie major league baseball. But besides that, he to me was the best comprehensive baseball announcer. I've ever heard. I learned so much working for the first five years. He knew more about pitching anybody ever talked to..

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