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Sixty San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland. A Cumulus station. Now on Amazon Alexa, opened the case of oh skill. Huge feast shopping made easy. I'm Barbara Kusak. President Trump hosted thanksgiving dinner at his mar-a-lago club in Florida. The lengthy menu included a carving station with Turkey and all the trimmings as well. As beef tenderloin lamb, salmon, earlier, Trump made a call to troops, deployed overseas and visited a local coastguard station. He also spent time at his nearby golf course. Millions of Americans topped off their thanksgiving meal by heading to the local mall ahead of black Friday, a national retail federation survey found that the more than one hundred sixty four million people planning to shop over the thanksgiving weekend. Twenty one percents they plan on shopping today. Correspondent TJ Katini says retailers are looking to make shopping a breeze. Some larger retailers will try to minimize the thing that many shoppers eight the most long lines WalMart, target and other large retailers are sending workers throughout their stores to check customers out with mobile devices. And it Macy's shoppers can scan and pay for items on their own smartphones retailers are hoping Jane will make. In-store shopping easier. Lessening the chances of a customer getting irritated and leaving the store empty handed. President Trump contradicted. The CIs has meant that the Saudi Crown prince ordered the killing of a Washington Post journalist. Correspondent Jeff Zeleny has more. The president was asked. Well, if not Saudi Arabia who was responsible. This is what he said, maybe the world should be held accountable because the.

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