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Waterbed science. I'm an Edinburgh and today we are talking about joker. It's the highest grossing rated R.. Film ever made which I didn't know until this morning very surprising. Yes the to shock people right in front of me I will introduce right now. First of all a comedian and writer Danny Palumbo up. Hey thanks for having me absolutely Danielle a food writer is that correct right like actual intelligence. Thanks wait a minute. What does that mean? I write about like chicken Parmesan okay. It's not but thank you so much. I I will tell you very welcome. I would prefer if half of this podcast was just about. You're gonNA love chicken parm. We can do it okay. Good so before we get into that. I want to introduce our other guest. She is a journalist. A science communicator and author Cara Santa Maria. Hi How's it going. How are you? I'm doing very well. Thanks for joining us. You also have a podcast in fact you were telling me you have to Putt guests. Yeah so I I have a podcast talk nerdy where I interview scientists every week or science writer and then I'm also the fifth rogue we call ourselves roads we're massive nerds skeptics guide to the universe so that show has been around for I think fourteen years now which is ancient podcast dinosaur. Pumpkin is and I've been on it for about five years with the guy is fantastic and you are also a field. Host for the reboot of Brain Games. Yes geographic new show. I mean old show new leave reimagined imagined okay so hosted by Keegan Michael Key. I'm the field correspondent and I drop some science on the show and also Lear Suchart. Who is the master mental EST as they they call the master meant? Why don't you have a cool title? Awesome so my background. I have a masters in neuroscience I was working neuroscientists for for several years. Now I've actually years later after doing all this work in science communication decided to go back to school and I'm a third year. PhD Student in Clinical Psychology Ecology relevant to this topic. Yes yeah and I see patients at the dumbest person in the room right now is always the bullet absolutely. Yeah Yeah big time asked me about sports and your opinion will change. I mean honestly. It's one of those things I feel like. We're maybe the more you know about sports. The number you are. I don't WanNa make that generalization. I feel like that might be true. I'm not sure it's like why do I know so many stats about basketball. It's not GonNa help me in life. It's not gonNA help me learn. I Bet you knowing those things has has actually helped you secured job before has helped you make brands. It's actually been a lubricant. Those suck guys are idiots. Man They are jerks. Okay but yeah we are talking about joker today. I had not seen this movie until yesterday. I think the same same thing. Okay and what. How did you guys feel when you first saw the movie? I'll start with you guys. Did you enjoy the movie. 'cause it was very hyped yet. It was so hyped and then I heard some things from different people like a lot of people. Like you're GONNA love it you're GonNa love it because of your background in science or or psychology and then I've heard from other people you're GONNA hate it you're gonNA hate it because like all the cells really loved this movie and it was the whole thing around that so I was interested and and I don't think it let me down. I think it's exactly what I expected it to be. Nothing more. Nothing less sort of. I think everyone kind of knew it would be a little uncomfortable right. I'm on twitter all day Mike. I'm on the Internet way too much so like this movie. Kinda got ruined a little bit early on I was like I'm not going to see it. Because everyone has an opinion about it I would just rather think about something else. Chicken Farm uh-huh farm sports stats so I was like you know. And then I I didn't watch until you assigned as homework. I enjoyed it as a fan of like even been sort of like a a comic book movies and stuff like Batman I was like Oh this is a good iteration of that. Yes there were some things where I was like. Oh I I like what they did with the Wayne family and like you know of course they would be rich assholes right. I kind of like that aspect of it but I'd be very uncomfortable also but I you know I did enjoy it. I like movies that make them feel a little uncomfortable. Chirpy Yeah I off and I think it has to be said that walking Phoenix's performance is really. What carries is this film right? I mean he was just absolutely tremendous cannot take your eyes off him and I signed was let down a little bit from the movie but then also really excited and thought it was like super unique that this was a quote unquote like Superhero movie. Because he's like a villain in the Superhero universe but felt like a real movie like a real guy real life Yup dark British film and I hope that because it's so successful they keep making this kind of lower budget superhero right as opposed to sort of what marvel did in. Yes see. That's what I was going into like. Well this is still better than like shelvin another marvel character down our throats worried you know every step and beat. That's going to happen in the movie. I'm GonNa Lisa's challenging something. Something Yeah Fair. I think the anti hero character of joker allows for that more than some of these other like. If you have a superhero who has to be able to fly. We're like transform into a hulk like I think you have to show people that in the movie and that's probably why so many comic book movies lend themselves to these like big budget lots of CG joker didn't didn't require that but like you guys. I think that's why I liked it more because unlike you I actually like legit. Hey comic book movies. It's not I'm not really into fantasy films or Lake Superhero films that much. I'm much more into like think-i gritty like and so. I think this movie really sat well with me but also I think because as of that it was like it was good. It was good but it wasn't like mind blowing to me because I watch movies like this all the time where people who expected a comic book movie they were like Lanese. That's why I like Batman. He's grounded in a little more in reality. You have power and joker works as an origin story for or Batman to which I thought was cool. Although that auditing idiot.

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