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This year, a superstar will be making will become the first Grand Slam champion to enter WrestleMania. So they've entered WrestleMania as WWE Champion. Yeah. Intercontinental U.S. and will be entering as a Randy Orton. Yeah. You made it too obvious. I know. I did. But it's something cool to think about. No one's ever done that before. Entered as all of those champions and their WrestleMania match. Maybe that's why they put the titles back on them before mania. Maybe. You know, because they love their Orton probably has no clue that that's the right thing. He's probably too high. Where did you find that? It was online summer. He was U.S. champ. U.S. champ at one point. When? Let's see. I wonder who he fought too. I don't remember that at all. Randy Orton has been in the United States champion. Was that like evolution? No Intercontinental Champion. Oh, no. 2018. Oh, he beat Jeff Hardy, didn't he? 2018, I have no recollection of that. That is interesting. Or did he beat Lashley? I don't know. You see. That is really weird. Okay, let's see. We're going to go to 2018. The United States champions ship. From Bobby Roode, what? And then the recollection of this? Yeah. Interesting. And then he walked into WrestleMania 34 with it. Yeah. And ended up losing it to Jinder Mahal. This was a fatal four way with Bobby Roode and rusev. What the fuck? I have no recollection of any of this. Yeah. That's hilarious. Wow. That should have been your trivia. Right. When was Randy Orton U.S. champion? Never. Do I win? Ever. Yeah, yep, yep. Interesting. Yeah. Speaking of Bailey, PWInsider reports that Bailey will be returning within the next month or so. But it won't be at WrestleMania. Boo earns. Yeah. No Oscar, no Bailey. No fucks given. That's correct. All right, it's fan questions. Pop culture junkie. You and your boys are going clubbing for ladies. Would you rather dress like Seth Rollins? Or speak only sounding like Seth Rollins. I'd rather dress like Seth Rollins. Yeah? You'll Garner attention for sure. Yeah, but will we look as good in those clothes? I'm gonna say yes. I think it'd be fun speaking like, hey, can I buy you girls a drink? We're gonna party tonight, right? Yeah, they'll probably be like, get the fuck out of it. Right. That's true. We're the police. Or at least if you dress like him, you'll look rich. Yeah. They might think you're rich. Right. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. You're fucking right. One 9 9 big T have y'all pre recorded your ring side. Oh, pre recorded. Pre ordered, your ringside seats for veers debut. No. No, sir. I don't like it. Don't English, can you guys show us how it's done and cut a promo on each other? I like Eric. Yeah. I cut a promo on the other wrestling show early in the, in the, you know, at the beginning of the podcast, so check that out. Yeah. You know, we don't hate each other. No, you know? We've cut promos before on the show. We have. Jake baker, at this point we know it'll be Cody. But if you ever want me to cut a pro on you, don't mean English. Then just fucking come at me, bro 'cause I'll take you somewhere. Jake baker, somewhere at this point we know it'll be Cody versus Seth at mania, but push fire Barry alternate Seth matches. Okay. Corey graves, omos. And veer, fire omos, berry, beer, and push graves. Yeah, I think so. Ian mcallister, what moment slash match made you fall in love with wrestling, specifically WWE, mine was Jeff Hardy versus the undertaker ladder match. That's a fantastic match. So when I got back into wrestling, it was the feud between rock and Austin at WrestleMania 15 was building up. So you can say that. What was it before that? I mean, I was a kid. It was just pro wrestling. Yeah, I have this, that's how I feel too. I just remember liking the undertaker. That was my first favorite wrestler. Yeah. I don't have like a specific moment. Right. So called savage watching Kevin Owens last night. I couldn't stop thinking how funny it is that he's impersonating stone cold. Isn't the best, Kevin Owens impersonating stone cold. That award goes to Andrew. Aw. That's true. Justin Stewart in honor of the KO stone cold segment, can we get Andrew? Try to do his KO impression and I did that earlier. It's hard. Joe Guerrero, what are the odds Austin canceled his match at WrestleMania so he could kill two birds with one stone and Abby's return. Be at Saudi mania and get that Saudi money. Oh shit. I hope not. That's fucked up. Because we're gonna be at WrestleMania. Yeah. I mean, I imagine he's getting a pretty big payday. Yeah, for basically having a street fight without calling it a match. Yeah. Ghost of Johnny drip drip. I love that name. Yeah. Who would you book to win a mixed who are you? Sorry. Who are you? Battle royal Asuka, Alexa, Mansour, Elias, James Mahone said it's the where it's hold on. Where the hell have you been? Oh, it's the where the hell have you been rumble? Yeah. Asuka, for sure. Yeah, Alexa hasn't been on the show. When she was at Elimination Chamber, but then that's it. That's it. And now she's dead again. Back in therapy? No, not even. We would have seen it. God. That's so bad. I know. Amir isn't a pathetic and WWE's part that Cody couldn't buy a cheer if his life was on the line and AW, but people are chanting his name on the program. He's not even part of yet..

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