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We get Donovan McNab overrated underrated Tuesday we did violate best player to two thousand eight can't be fifty P. it is now after midnight to wear into Wednesday and is saying make you a good general manager what we're going to kick around for the next hour and a half until I turned it over to get yet Johnny Johnson who comes up at two o'clock I went to get my phone lines two one five five nine two ninety four ninety four if you want to tweak the shall I take you twenty ten eighty hit me up on Twitter I've had some Twitter back in forts cat attacks and I want to go so far as to call the lorries but to add some link the exchanges on Twitter over the years about Sam Hinkie Salvi wanna jump on in shoot me a tweet about that detector former general manager the question is was he a good GM the the light you can read into that but I think at its core it's a pretty direct quite yet in your day you tell me how you do it at Maggie I my Twitter handle and killed a black man J. O. D. Y. M. H. C. M. A. N. as always preferred the bones so let me go there now Alex in Devon hello Alex Hey how's it going Jerry could you doing all right so where you stand and we have suffered through years of mediocrity I like the idea of the process one that suffers through a couple years of or a basketball as opposed to mediocrity and they get something out of it that being said I think that process was mismanaged and you know I don't know that really thank you saw he wasn't there to manage the whole thing I got way more than anything later than that unlike the many critics and I think you okay but he did make some of those pics that's true Hey Michael Carter Williams right yet thank you Nerlens Noel right I like the plan for execution on all parts all right Angela on the end and certainly Colangelo and does there after I haven't done it really any better and he he might not even be as good as a white yeah when people make that statement like what Sam would have had he stayed in place if only they had let him walk what did he do to show that if he had stayed in place he would've gotten old pick right degree yeah wasn't really evidence of that like you said Michael Carter Williams among others and I didn't know that dad Kyle my body with his big a Dario Saric fantasy yes Dario Saric he's on a good NBA team the ninth best player on a bad NBA TV might be the sixth best player that's not gonna win anybody anything since the whole reason for doing the process was to build a championship team you're right yeah but I was tired of having a championship team being a fan favorite doesn't win championships right and I like d'addario tell you you're right you're good guy home the guys like root form bands like crude form I. eight maybe I'm just a pain in the rear end let's get to the facts Jack kind of guy that doesn't get influenced by whether a guy's a good guy or not our place to gave a specific way cut to the bottom line with me how good a player what he how much did you produce how much a yelp when the answer is marginal at best the point of the process was stuck you like picks and assets whatever you need you to build a team to win a championship I know that you know hi Goldbach the expectations but that's the point of it and they work closely now give that you know they they definitely came close no they're not what will what will they have added a second round yet the one year with the with a loss to Toronto okay they lost in game seven of the second round correct yep Charlie try to give you a little bit here Doug Collins who was vanquished after three years in his second year got to game seven of the second round we're now seven years into the process in the process I haven't gotten past where Doug Collins got its second year how is that close the point I just thought that one year well they had a good team well you know as a good starting line up there well Dan Butler a biased who knows what that means I see that you get past the box in the next round so what is that code but in N. data you're right it was a shot that bounced four times more weight in that particular game was as close as it could you mainly possibly get but the result to read again I hate to be such a pain in the **** to bring it back to results but the results are with the results are prepaid call Devon tag for Alex thank jackets you're not keeping the phone help it.

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