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Shawn Mccoy, NFC, WGN discussed on Howard and Jeremy


Off -fensive. Leila. Shawn McCoy stymied six carries nine yards in another loss in New England teams don't get their run going, you know, and when football games, but forcing us to throw it in. And they do that. We got we got to convert and got to you know, make plays. I gotta make throws and we didn't do enough tonight. That is Josh Allen finished twenty four forty one had a touchdown to say Jones two interceptions along the way as well. The touchdown comes late in the game of the patriots had pretty much locked things up twenty four twelve the final score the bills dropped at five and ten the draft position is not yet finalized. But we know it will be between number four and number ten somewhere in there, depending on how week seventeen plays out with Shawn. Mccoy didn't do much in the run game in the story out of the bills is that he was benched early in the game held out of the start of the game. Because of a situation simply said he has to be more responsive. As a captain nothing. More revealed on the issue at this point bills host Miami to close the season on Sunday Cowboys when the NFC east by beating the box drew Brees the saints. Hold off the Steelers thirty one twenty eight they clinched the number one seed in the NFC Russell Wilson three touchdowns. Chris Carson runs for to its Seattle over Kansas City, thirty eight thirty one the chiefs fall to have an four they did not clinch the AFC west Nora first round by colds playoff hopes alive. They have a winning insincere with titans next week bears wrap up the number three seed in the NFC by beating San Francisco dolphins bounced out of any sort of discussion lose to the Jaguars seventeen to seven Baker Mayfield three touchdowns. The Browns beat the Bengals twenty six to eighteen sharks. Defenseman. Eric Carlson spent a two games for an illegal check to the head of Austin Wagner of kings. The sabers say Rick Jenrette resting in doing well. Expecting to be back on the broadcast after the break on Jeremy white WGN sports radio. Five fifty download the radio dot com app. Push. Notifications. Capriccio. Jio? Kabbage. Oh. Jio? Jio? WGN? Paulo how it's the Christmas..

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Shawn Mccoy, NFC, WGN discussed on Howard and Jeremy

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