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So we know what the demographic is but it would you say. It's the minority people who are nervous coming back in for me For at least for what i see. I think it's probably about thirty percent of the outcome in our little. Hasn't you know they. They come in wearing their masks. And they wear their masks all the way to their seats and That's your to me. That's a significant portion. That are still quite hesitant yet. Yeah i'm probably the same for us But i think there's surrounding communities that Larimer county being one of them had a little bit stricter mass mandate them well county Had throughout the whole thing right to so. I think people that are used to Coming from or going to places in fort collins loveland or in those areas are a little more usa. Just you just automatically put your mask on when you walk inside become second nature. Yeah we were in fort collins on sunday just hitting some shops and we went over to crooked stave and in a couple of other berries. Peop- you know. A lot of people are still inside. wear their masks and in a lot of the restaurants still require That you wear your mask to get to table and it's probably not a bad idea at this stage of the game to just be a little bit more cautious because you don't know i mean fifty percent of the people have been vaccinated but what about the other fifty percent right. I don't know if the staff or ever gonna wanna give him up because then people can see their faces. Unruly customer sticking their tongue out at some. So you know now. Larimer county is one hundred percent capacity. No social distancing unknown math mandate that came down as well. That was effective. Starting on monday That mask mandate doesn't fall into place because they're following along with the state guidelines and recommendations. So that's i mean that's a big change for as strict as larimer county was with it. That's a huge change. While you're gonna it's gonna take some time for all everywhere to kind of implementing and decide what's best for their their operation so like. I said sunday there are a lot of places we're still you know requesting social distancing there still not one hundred based on the size of the place You could tell they weren't at full capacity yet and there's still a lot of mask wearing going on a lot of at full capacity still is based upon how many employees you have to sure absolutely absolutely well and then what what. I'm wondering now is you know. We'll be the local businesses. That and i think it will. It'll be the local businesses started. Peel back these restrictions. I but you could own a lot of these chains. They're still going to keep the mask mandate in place. I mean that that's going to be around for the nationwide chain because the rules are so different from state to state you know. They just want to a constant message throughout the company..

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