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It's tough and then we're thinking about this over there and we don't have any time any clarity to think about goes 'cause we're just trying to we're just trying to maintain the commitments that we made we're trying to maintain the commitment we made to our physical wellbeing maintain the commitment in our relationship because our imports have a scatter completely scattered telling you inputs create outputs your mind is your most valuable asset winning gonna start guarding it when are you going to start i mean when are you going to really really step up to the plate and begin to guard your mind guarded because his will you don't have to think about those things do you get to create magnificent opportunity for yourself i'm not running around trying to figure out how to stay faithful to my wife so they're not gonna be like how do i fill up an auditorium on a friday night to watch documentary for wanda that eventually i can take people to the country i get to do things like that versus just trying to get my mind right on the phone my guy trying to talk about man why shouldn't do what i think i'm going to do i'm just saying hey man it's a science the psychology of success i love this quote by henry david thoreau appointed up so i could share with you all but here we david theroux said as a single footstep would not make a path on the earth so we'll single thought would not make a pathway in the mind to make a deep physical path we walk again in again to make a deep mental path we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives henry david thoreau now you see why i'll walk around and in my when nothing else in my head i'm thinking things like i am great i am powerful i can do anything that i put my mind to because i'm trying to make a deep mental path by thinking the same thing over and over again to the point where it dominates my life on purpose dominates my life on purpose llanelli.

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