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First of the season score by number thirteen Nichelino assist over fifty nine Roman Josi time of the goal. Twelve o nine or the third period. One goal hockey game. Here per Leany delivers the puck over on a backhand. And it's taken away by riot Ellis. L puts the puck to the predators left side wall, y'all Chan Yuk out high with it take it away. Romanucci tapped away from Yosi now. Grabner gives it off gal Chechnya flipped it back per leading his shot deflected off. And I think the left post. Now the rebound brought up given the center ice for yarn croak. He waits for some help to come off the bench slips it in now for Benino on the right side. Watson comes by and taps it low. Played up the right wing. Asheville zone. Shipped in by cousins or not very far. Chekhov over to his right. Gets the puck back on the left wing board Nashville zone to the right wing side at center, here's been you know, taking the feed left circle throws it on that off the goaltender stick. And then a follow up missed the net by Watson held in thrown down for Benino in the corner. And Kraushaar there with him Watson comes in to join book backhanded and then sent down by echo stored the corner. Lebowski could not clear it out. Here's ham us, a shot was blocked by cousins and cousin's scales. It off the boards back into the Nashville zone. This will be an icing call as getting back is Michio cycle. Six zero five left in the third period. Good work Benino again. Healing. The flow. All dance in the corner. He was a good shift work working hard that coming off the confidence. You got from the goal that he scored. Right there. You can sense it in the building. Everyone knows. That it's come in the press need to make it happen. Now. The next goal. That is. Yeah. Fed back for Yosi off the draw to Forsberg that shot. Bobbled? It brought by Kemper battle of the rebound and the net got knocked off. It's boring. Cannot stumbled he picks himself up, and we'll be back.

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