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Six. From Somalia Amazon. Sounds very familiar. Yes. She's first player that we've talked to from survivor Amazon. Yes. Very excited very excited for this one diverge a great job. This is a great job. I really I couldn't believe it when you texted me and said that we're GonNa Talk Heidi. I was so excited because you know Heidi is one on the shortlist shortlist here from season one. Heidi was on our short list of somebody that you really really really wanted to talk to. And when I told you that I had gotten Heidi, you sent me a text back and I kinda thought your kid, and then I realized you weren't kidding. You said I didn't think I'd ever talked to her again. No, that makes it even better. Yeah. There was a falling out or anything. It's just that you know people go their own separate ways. It was definitely harder to keep tabs with people back fifteen years ago, before social media was everywhere, and everybody had cell phones and everything like that. Cell phones at that time, but but you know it's easier to keep tabs on people now, anyway excited for Heidi, Hamels here on the podcast today. This is going to be very. Fund wants a great job here from T. Bird okay cheaper because we get into talking with Heidi, let me take a moment and thank our sponsor for this episode of the podcast. Those our friends over at new NEUM is the habit change program that uses psychology to teach you how your mind works, so you can understand why you make the decisions you make, and you can feel empowered to change for good with neum. You pick the goals that are right. Right you whether it's feeling better and your clothes having more stamina to keep up with busy life, being more in tune with your body's needs or practicing self, care and feeling confident in Neum is going to personalize a program to help your aspirations become a reality now, of course that is based ecology, and it's going to give you different examples like feeling good about your choices, having improved sense of self, worth and mood, and giving you less stress and anxiety your work with your cats or to eat better to feel better having more energy like T. Bird and enjoying exercise again you'll be maybe smiling and laughing t-bird on the treadmill. Right that's right. That's right I. Like the psychology part of it. Say I like the psychology part of it because once you get your mind, right? That's that's the first step in anything so I think news GONNA. Help you get your mind, right. You can have a personalized coach and they're going to help you. Understand yourself and your goals that I tried it out. The my coach's name was an me. Telling you how new works with your lifestyle so you don't have to commit to a rigorous plan. Of course, it's basis like Haji so new is going to teach you why you do the things you do..

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