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Know. I know how to get close to him but once you're in boston what do you do doesn't your sister at. Yeah exactly didn't use to teach it. I mean you could just look him up in the phone book and send it directly to him. That doesn't count. that doesn't breaks it. That would be like. I wonder if you did today. Would you count People you kind of know on twitter. That's a weird social para social thing. What is in. And as we'll see like determining exactly what constitutes a connection is also part of what makes this facebook. It's like i'm friends with a bunch of people you know. That's why my to make it. A sex act is a big improvement. Although for some people know virtual we'll know for some people they never know the last names of the people they affect them or at least halfway and what they found was that it was. You know you could. You could the the very few of them that made it to him. Made it through to him through relatively small number of social links like three or four to get a postcard from some random person in omaha. Wichita and that's even without any design of somebody trying to somebody with knowledge of how to find the shortest way two steps away. Yeah this is just like my brother lives in boston. Or i knew a guy went to high school but of course. These are people in omaha. Wichita that had addresses in the phone book so which would be more common then. So they right. They wrote several articles for that. We're kind of like this. This was all this was all kind of fun like so much of mathematics and sociological research. At the time. I mean even the stuff that was very political. It also still felt kind of richard fineman level of like play. It wasn't i mean. I think now the political ramifications of all this stuff kind of imbues it with an extra layer of sort of fraught. Fear mean like how we bubble ourselves off ideologically. Now how silo ourselves professionally. Yeah see but the the actual research paper kind of never got published. It got published in a couple of magazine articles but but the research paper just got handed around among among other mathematicians and inspired a lot of people to investigate different different versions of this. So the the idea and you would think that that the actual play six degrees of separation which was written as you said by john gear. That are you. Say john wear it. Looks like are the band. John g well except with an e at the yankees a of guadeloupe his nineteen ninety play. It's care it's gary. I don't know if you say the you. Oh it's like gear like like war. What is it good. For whom the average of combat soldier vietnam's in nineteen john. John guera. John gares where square john. G- wears nineteen ninety. Six degrees of separation was it was. It was kind of assumed that that that idea came from well. At least from his academic or from carinthia's story which was pretty well known in hungary he claims that he got the idea from marconi's nineteen o nine nobel prize speech. So i mean he's obviously more more erudite than we expected. But yeah. I couldn't really rattled off too. Many things from marconi's just as a literary trope and i'm me and you are you. I'm zero degrees for me. But the play. The play was very successful. The play starred stockard channing among other luminaries and it went through various various touring companies and it introduced the idea somewhat into the popular culture. So that at least that literary culture putting in the title is a big is a big power move you know. Even if you don't know see. I didn't i had never seen the play or the movie and i still. I didn't know how the idea works. But i knew the idea because it was the title. Yeah right you understood. That understood the concept and the movie got made in In nineteen winded them become a nineteen ninety. Four nineteen ninety-three The will smith starring the will smith vehicle six degrees of separation really really introduced it into mainstream consciousness and nine hundred four on some one of those inside the actors studio interviews with kevin bacon kevin. Bacon was talking about how he had been in movies. Just kind of he was as joking aside. He said you know he. He felt like he had worked. He was coming. Big is very prolific actor and character actor who has played supporting roles in so many films with so many big star. Maybe more than may be more of those kind of movies than a big star would be. You know a big star might make one or two of those year. A actor who works only ten days on the movie might might make three or four big movies a year. And you see kevin bacon when you look at his. Cv righties in animal house. He's in he's in a hundred movies that you wouldn't right where he passes through. He's got a few lines. He's perfect for this because he's the kind of person everybody knows who he is because he's got a few iconic roles but also you just see him everywhere he's not one of those that guys because you can also name him right. It probably doesn't hurt that. His name is bacon house so just somebody for this game. Yeah like why not somebody whose name as well as their facing career memorable right instead of moscow. On-air somebody exactly bahar bahar to do well. Yeah kinda roll off the tongue. Actually six degrees. Jack klugman that nobody wants to play sixties but kevin kevin bacon just suggested this as kind of a i mean he was he was he was definitely not trying to precipitate a game or even a challenge but it was a group of college students at albright college in nineteen ninety four. Who were kind of having a kevin bacon film fest there in the dorm and watched footloose.

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