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Nippy out there Sir warned all the way up to about twenty nine all you you you must at one of the heat wave areas yeah yeah well I'm in the sun okay there you go hunt valley horsepower I assume correct yes Sir all righty are you inside the restaurant inside the car or you outside actually I'm outside it's actually not that bad the funds out there like the warm in the sun so there's probably another three hundred people center with me very good good crowd for a for a first real cold is the first real call when they had out there isn't yes a pretty this is our first cold snap you know it's been chilly but this call yeah I got you well glad glad that you're out there I know there's a lot of exotics out there even though even with the tire situation where you know a lot of these performance tires don't do well in the cold weather I'm sure a couple exotics have shown up yep that right next to a Ferrari matter of fact lot of worries of a lot of the the BMW the amp and dollar forger very good very good all right so hunt valley horse powers every Saturday morning eight to ten just like my show but they have added the hunt valley town center and that is a rain or shine event all year long and the largest of its kind yes the largest on automotive murder gathering on the weekends it's considered a cars and coffee we're not really allowed to stay as cars coffee because right currently somebody's trademark that term but sure it's not yet the largest one in the in the country very good yeah we we're proud to have it here in the hunt valley Maryland that's for sure all right is so when we talk about today Mister Mike well as you would on no and maybe those some of the listeners.

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