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We were on the phone with survivors and sometimes their lawyers and sometimes friends who represented them just talking to a range of women Before we interviewed them. And i think you know we just established from the beginning. This is your story. We just want to help you get it out there. We want to facilitate. We wanna capture it. You know as honestly and profoundly as we can and you are in charge. You're in charge. You say no will ask questions in or you can set boundaries before we even do the interview. Don't ask me about this. And i think that was liberating not just to them. But for us to say we're on the same page. You know enroll in this together. And if i ask you a question two rar too hard for you to raf It's not because you know it. Just let's move on. Let's know that we're doing this together. To to represent the the most accurate and story and again the the reason these women wanted to share their stories. There's a range of reasons but generally they wanted to either make sure that other young people found themselves vulnerable in in situations similar to theirs wouldn't be subjected to such sexual the sexual abuse that they found themselves subjected to They would know what a grooming means. They would understand the their own vulnerabilities and they also wanted to make sure that the the truth was out there. Because for so long you. Jeffrey epstein in in maxwell got away with a lot and many people covered for them in enabled them so this because he had killed himself when we started filming Jeff killed himself. You know this game in opportunity to say what Weren't going to have a chance to say in the court of law in now ultimately who knows what will happen with glenn maxwell will be a trial some of these women not all of them were abused by her but some of them were and they might have that opportunity to make it public You know in the case. God i hope so i mean. Look your your filmmaker. But you're also a human being. And i know for myself. I'm not the best compartmentalize earlier when you do something like this. Like how do you stay. Sane. and not just like. I don't know fold like a into a heap of like rage or depression because it's just watching it. How how do. I even wrap my brain around this. It's funny. I always like you know years ago anne and i did a film called Or horseback which is about this the genocide in darfur in sudan and the images. Were just terrific in the stories in an you know people would say. Oh gosh or we did the boston marathon documentary for. Hbo would say you go to sleep at night. Had i know you know. I'm i'm i can handle this and then i realized. Oh that's right during my darfur documentary shooting that Editing at basically dreamed of bombs dropping.

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