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KOMO FM Oakville. From ABC news. I'm Cheri Preston. Special delivery to the Senate the report from the FBI on sexual assault allegations against supreme court nominee. Brett capital senators will start going over at this morning. Maybe sees Emily row. Says key preliminary vote has been set for tomorrow with break. Kavanagh's lifelong appointment to the nation's highest court on the line the full Senate could vote on his final confirmation this weekend. The decision could come down to a handful of undecided senators, including Republicans, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff flake, and Susan Collins along with democrat, Joe Manchin, all four condemning President Trump's mockery of Christine Blasi Ford at a campaign rally. One police officer is dead. Several more hurt and a shooting in Florence, South Carolina. ABC's Pete combs says one person is under arrest. Lawrence police chief Alain Hiber calls it. One of the worst days in his department's history for officer shot one of them, his friend for three decades, the bravest police officer that I have ever never killed three. Florence county deputies were also shot this us. A man at an upscale home and sheriff's Lieutenant Mike monks says he wasn't alone subject remained barricaded in the residence with children. It took an armored vehicle to rescue the wounded officers a former intern in a congressional office is now accused of leaking private information on several senators Jackson Costco, had worked in the office of congresswoman Sheila jackson-lee FBI agents. Have arrested a navy vet in Utah accused of sending letters that set off worries about the poison rice. In turns out, the letters were not dangerous ABC news contributor and former FBI agent. Brad, Garret these cases usually are easy to solve because people who put substances like this in the mail art, very sophisticated. Police are still looking for a suspected killer in Tennessee. Investigators think Kirby Wallace is on the run near Nashville. He's wanted for two murders. The clean-up work continues in Indonesia..

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