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ABC News Wall Street Now a day after the markets worst day in a month, stocks closed mixed. The Dow closing down 222 points, the S and P 500 gave up 10 while the NASDAQ rose 72 investors are still worried about rising covert 19 cases and whether Washington will be able to come to terms on a stimulus package. Before the election earning season rolls on with some big pharma companies. Among those reporting mark, one of the company's working on a covert 19 vaccine posted better than expected third quarter numbers, while Fizer, another company working on a vaccine says its profits plunged more than 70%. Eli Lilly's numbers also, we're short of expectations. Consumer confidence dipped slightly this month is Corona virus cases continue to rise across the country. Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the nation's economic activity, so a decline in confidence gets a lot of attention from economists, especially when it happens heading into the holiday shopping season. Daria all being our ABC News form or Money news is that the Katie our business center at dot com. It's 5 11, a company known for its disinfectant wipes and bleach is rolling out New tech designed to watch for Corona virus in the classroom. Clorox showing off a new device it, says Khun detective students or displaying Cove in 19 symptoms. Steve Martell of current studios explains how it works. There is a microphone in the device, and it is trained to look at the unique frequencies that are coughs and sneezes. The temperature is monitored with the thermal sensor. ABC News Medical contributor. Dr Mark Abdelmalek says attack is compelling all along. This is a race between us and the virus in any tool that we can use to give us a head start can really help. Tracking the Corona virus is often more complicated than simply watching for symptoms. People could be asymptomatic and still have cove it That means no cough. No sneeze. No runny nose. No fever with Tech trends. Malik Stone ABC News 5 12. It's time for the timeline with Steve Zinsmeister brought to you by the husband and wife Law team of Briar law protecting the rights of the seriously injured in Arizona since 1996 it's October 27 On this day in 19 0 for the New York City subway Open. London was actually the first city to develop an underground train network and Boston build the first system in the US, But let's be honest when I say so. Boy, you're either thinking about sandwiches or New York City, And despite my constant hunger, I'm gonna focus on the ladder. The New York City subway system is the largest in the country. The first line travelled nine miles through 28 stations running from City Hall in lower Manhattan.

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