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Cates. Come on kid. We're leith. Honey, the car won't start dog is sat on my science project. Life can be stressful but getting life insurance shouldn't be. That's why there's ethos ethos is a modern kind of life insurance that super fast incredibly, affordable and very uncomplicated at Getty dot com there no medical exams for policies covering under a million dollars, no hours of paperwork or meetings with pushy representatives, it only takes ten minutes to apply, and you can rest assured knowing you've taken steps to protect your family. And in most cases with ethos. You can have that peace of mind for less than a Cup of coffee a day with no hidden fees. Having life insurance can free you from stress getting life insurance shouldn't 'cause it discover how uncomplicated life insurance can be at ethos. Get your free instinct, quote and submit your complete application in minutes, just to get those dot com. That's H O S get. Ethos dot com. Get ethos dot com. Walmart is experimenting with artificial intelligence hasn't of commerce out there that are continually pumping out high-resolution hype. It out of the information so far WalMart says the cameras are not spying on you. Mike Hanrahan of WalMart's intelligent retail MAB says, it's using all those cameras to spot went bananas be into brews and to see how many items are facing front on shelves Columbia University. Professor Stephen beloved says he's fine with using. Hi, rez cameras to track products. The issue in privacy is almost always the secondary uses of the data. Once you have the data. What else do you do with this retail lab is the third project from WalMart's new incubation arm away for the discounter to shape the future of retail by Evan Haning. Avengers and game is a blockbuster and brought in more than a billion dollars in global box office in its debut weekend. I'm Ann Cates. Misogyny rates may apply. Please do not text and drive. See purple dot com for terms and conditions. And.

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