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I don't know i guess uses i shouldn't say which i won't say the name because i don't want to give out too much information about my mom but uses a online brokerage and one of the ways of accounting was your voice and i told her don't do that yeah that that just does not seem like a good idea about that i could sell like my mom but just feels like that's not a secure i even now i don't think that's very secure thing to do facebook is being investigated by the f t c there was some question about facebook had had a consent decree right in twenty eleven right with the ftc and there was some question whether this cambridge analytica dated release violated that consent decree ftc has now hasn't said whether it's well let let me see they hadn't said but now it's confirmed on monday the ftc is investigating facebook's data practices and even though they wouldn't confirm it last week they have now confirmed it and by the way it's private it's a private non public investigation the penalty of the consent decree is forty thousand dollars per violation which means per user fifty million times forty thousand dollars is how much i can't even go that high that's a lot lot of money but it's not gonna happen so here's a here's a darkened billion right what is it it's a big number you're gonna have to take a chat room fifty million times forty thousand dollars what is that how much money can you take a check a chat room stopped because everybody's like working.

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