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Edwards, Benjamin Albright. It's called three or 3713, 85, 85 or 56690. Still monitoring the Nolan are not on trade that is official, according to John Marosi. Volume on Twitter at John Marosi is MLB network says the Rockies air paying Nolan are not those $35 million salary this season. The Rockies were paying that 15 million is owed to the Cardinals in this calendar year with the remaining 20 million deferred and as we understand it The upwards of 50 million total in this deal. The Rockies are paying. They will not have to pay all of it if no one are not O ops out. Yes. If he opts out, they won't have to pay the prorated portion beyond that s O. There's zumba relief, I guess, um But looking at the way I think the growth he said it best if you looked away that This thing plays out, Iraqis actually increase their payroll this year. I saw that by by the way, it is up working because they have to pay that salary and the added all of these prospects, they're gonna end up increasing their salary. This year. Now they'll save over the course of the next. Of course. What is it for? Six years will save some $150 million, But you know, it's again. You're down. You know how your bad team We said we're gonna save 150 million over the next six years. That's a way to talk about much money. You're gonna save And of course, we'll be on field production that you're gonna lose. There's just no way I can at least right now. See how these prospects Maybe maybe they turned out to be pretty good. But at least right now, how are they going to equal the level of a On annual gold Glover and a guy that that has the potential being M V p candidate every year because of his talent, But that's what I'm saying, like the conversation doesn't even start with the players, the prospects or any of that conversation surrounding the Colorado Rockies. Right now, the narrative that's out there that the team once out there. He's Hey, we're saving 150 million. We're saving money. I'm talking about the guys. You bring it in. You're not talking about the loss of that. That's how you know you're a bad team. When all you do is talk about the finances from attacks line. Trevor Story's next to leave. Maybe we get three minor leaguers and only pay 45 million to trade him. Progress. Good lord. Thank you, Jerry. This one trade von lock Fant Judy, sudden rise during our entire defense to get Watson. We got that There are plenty of people out there that make up ridiculous stuff like that. That's not it's not happening. It's it's not something any smart general manager would ever do. It's just a product of Broncos fans being that thirsty for a quarterback at this point. All right. So let's get back into this match Stafford deal and kind of the implications of it because there was a lot of way This was framed out in the public about what the Broncos were ultimately trying to do. It was framed as though the Broncos came to the Lions with a Hey, we'll trade you drew lock will trade you all these players where your reporting quite the opposite. They came to the Lions talking about draft picks, swapping a 1st and 3rd for a second and Stafford and the Lions countered with No, We're not giving you any draft picks. You will give us the draft picks, and we want all of these players drew lock Jerry Julia. Yes, Jerry Judy etcetera, So I think that's an important distinction, because, like I said, it's It's being framed right now. Is that the Broncos air shopping actively shopping They're starting quarterback on this roster. They're not. That is not really the case. And now what's important here is whether that's being reported by media or fans or whatever. What's important here is that the organization can keep at least that portion of the continuity of that portion intact because you do have to worry just a little bit about the ego here of your quarterbacks, because the fact is, if if you're actively shopping them, If you're actively trying to bring in other quarterbacks, there is there's a little bit of a purse. Exception there, and it could get a little shaky within that locker room. Yeah, that's the other thing every after pulling fans, so they all get this agenda and the guys that hate drew lock. You're going to say whatever that you know that right about a town whatever you know, they won't say, but that's that's not true, and they don't know what's going on, and it's just frustrating. It's not that we're sitting here standing for Drew lock. I just want to give you the fax. You don't want to give you what happened. There's something important here too, because the Broncos While they are trying to be involved in trades and look for upgrades a quarterback. That's a slight indication for lock and what his performance was last year. I think we'd all agree what his performance was last year was not gonna be good enough to say he no doubt gets the job correct. And and we're gonna make it the unquestioned starter. We're not bringing any kind of heads or anything like that. So that was already one piece of this. So people out there. I think our kind of frame this like, Well, you're already into the quarterbacks. You have to go all in. You have to make that move. You have to go get to Shawn Watson. You have to go being a trade for Jimmy Garoppolo or Kirk cousins or any these quarterbacks that are out there. The fact is, they don't necessarily have to do that. As long as they weren't the ones actively shopping him. I think they can keep this intact. Yeah. Is that weird? Logical, you know, follow me on now. I know what you're saying. And you're trying to hurt you. Lux. Feelings basically, is what you know, because then if you have to revert to him, then what you know? Well, that's right. That's a big deal, because if you misuse the thing, I don't think you're reverting to him. I think he's the guy unless you're able to bring in something, And so that's like, what if you're involved in all these traits like you're not. So that's the thing is bad. Reporting out here is bad reporting from people that are getting information secondhand that don't know what they're talking about it. So that's what we're trying to clear up here. Do I think that the Broncos would let go? Drew lock in a dish on Watson type of deal? Yes. Do. I think the Broncos feel like they're going to be in onto Shawn Watson? No. I don't think that I think they think they don't have the ammo to compete for that. And I think that they think that they're not willing to give up when other teams are now. Are they going to play the market there just to see? Sure you gotta make the kind you should every year. Remiss in your duties. The general manager if you're not exploring every option That doesn't mean you just do it just to do it. You're not giving up Justine Simons and Bradley job and three first round draft picks and a pair of second round draft picks and probably very much Jones on top of, you know, to be another place..

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