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How do I not to say? He's listening to more. You've got to tell you always it. Mike Slurs Sergio Groupie. Anybody who's a comedian? Mike it's a festival funny guy. Gentlemen that works my goodness socks fucking funny at all. Oh you're out of your mind. He's very funny. What's funny and what's funny. What does he do? That's funny is act as funny. Give me a funny joke. If not why why? I'm not funny at the negative. It'll be funny. It was funny for him to blow off. Your interview is walking down the street getting ice cream with his girlfriend eventually. I'm sure I'm sure he's Jim. Not James North Dick. So yeah he's your going to be part of it. Do SPEC to everyone. I'm sure I'm sure he's a funny guy. Very nice guy very funny. I don't know about very nice guy. He was overly nice to me. I thought that's why I don't think this is all contracts your sound CBS's. Al Break was Nice. You're not joking there and I'm sick zoom like it's fun talking to you. Steve for everything is awful. Florentine much better. It's ridiculous agree with that. I wouldn't disagree that this is vague. Comedian voice yeah going with film. What's up with he's hawks? How do you know that I listen to podcasts? He's that's how we talks just on the PODCAST. Well because at the same thing about me but I probably is your Shitty comedians. What's going on in zone these days? I I mean really zones. Not Fake voice if you make it sound like that no as Liam set your dependable Barker Yeah you. I don't think that's a fake. There's also shady picking voices okay. I don't they find one guy all right. Let's get back to you mark. Normand like it's fun talking to you because we do the pod. Anyway Ziv hold on. Do you really think he talks like that. No this is no. How do you know you've never spoken to him for real? I have when the last week. He's forming then so he's walking into starbucks or a coffee and he's like Yeah L. Take Alert.

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