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What is the impact on cognition of fmd yes in the mouse that are very clear impact the meaning that they are cognitively sharper they remember better they learn better particularly when they're old and the but also when they're young by ucd's particularly when they're all now we're doing we've done some special fmd's with my sue on and off on alzheimer's but now we're doing the human fm the were destined now in mice that multiple alzheimer models and the idea is came we protect the can we protect the brain against alzheimer even when we posed the human mutation that calls alzheimer's in one hundred percent of the mice we have some mouses called triple transgenic and that's all these human mutations they cause problems in this bid i'm lloyd accumulation tau for data tau saw yeah so then awfully within a year we'll have the date on that and we're starting to clinical trial which is funded by the ministry of health for a randomized clinical trial on alzheimer's patients how fast and making diet so that would be very interesting particularly because there's really nothing dementia right now and and so these would be something that could be rapidly moved into their into clinical use are you familiar with dean and aisha sherzai loma linda with their i forget i think it's called the brain health unit they created a department there and they're having some pretty tremendous success working with early onset alzheimer's patients i had them on the podcast they're doing really cool we're collaborating with.

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