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Well you had this. Privilege in that, privilege and that. Privilege jail but I don't have. Any hair and I'm from the south Some of you Yankees think, everybody from the south Saddam which just indicates dumb you are Anytime, you stereotype someone indicate. Your stupidity Some of you people think we. Broadcast this thing from a double wide Because I have a southern accent Dadgum nice double wide and it folk Talking to the, live audience outside But seriously guys I mean think about how we react to wealth We have vilified success let me help, you with this if you make, thirty four thousand. Dollars a, year you're in the top one percent Of income earners in the world If you make thirty four thousand dollars a year You. Likely have a flat screen TV and two cars You're in the top one percent of the world the rest of the world should, be hating on you based on the wealth inequality movement Think this through guys Listen I don't want any by before. Anybody to hurt that the best way to help someone who's struggling financially is not to take money away from someone else the best way to help, someone, struggling financially as hey let's learn from those, who aren't struggling financially do what they do and. Become one of them you get to decide that you have the power. Of choice right now.

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