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Us. We appreciate it's Tuesday drive carefully up there. Okay. So Conan O'Brien has a revamped late night show. It's just a half hour everything out the window. He's just doing a half hour. He doesn't have a desk. He just comes out. Does this thing? Andy Richter is still there. But he's been on the air for twenty five years. He's a young kid. No kidding. Yeah. That he's been on the late night. You know? But people forget about TBS. Yes, we do. And but anyway, Matt LeBlanc was on Conan lesson. And I'm just looking at a back in the day. He was so ridiculously hot. Oh, I'll never forget when cousin Michael or house. We were out there and our show. It was after our show or something. He goes, I just I'm working with the sky who created this show called friends. It's supposed to be a baby that created it. Yeah. No, no. He worked for someone else to and. Yeah. Yeah. And he's like I hear it's going to be a big hit. Big hit. He does landscaping. Yeah. So anyway, so Matt LeBlanc. Thank you for that. Good. That added so much flavor. Good mayo to the story back anyway. But actors do love to tell the story if they're asking about how broke they were when they got their job. I think Kristie Matt said she had like thirty six cents center checking account here. It a lot you hear it a lot. And even though we know it's a successful actor telling the story. I I still think I like hearing the story I like hearing, you know, like where they were. And so Matt LeBlanc. And if you didn't get a chance to see him playing himself in this show, called episodes, showtimes, brilliant. It's so funny the show within a show, really good. But he is on his sitcom which is in. Maybe it's second or third year man with a plan. Yeah. It just came back just came back and he's sitting very comfortably. Pile of friends money. So here's his story about how broke he was when he got his break with friends. You know, you were obviously that changed your life overnight the success of that show. But you broke when you got friends isn't that right? Like seriously broke. Yeah. I. All right. I got a little money in the Bank. I can I can hold out to the next gig at I think goes down to eleven dollars eleven dollars. Now that's holding out too long. Because even if I said at that point, I I'm gonna go get like a like a waiter job. But the time that eleven dollars ran out would have been before the first paycheck on. You waited too long. Yeah. Would've starved. So I appreciate that. You know, he points out. How lucky he was? And he also mentioned I don't think we have that carpet. If he hadn't a booked friends. You know, he that money wouldn't have lasted until even have first paycheck. And he also said when he got his head shot the photographer notice he had one that's story. Could you afford a headshot? Did you have a head shot at the time? Because that's the big thing in this town is you gotta have your head shot at a good picture of yourself. I had had the same hatch up for a long time. The first the first head shot that I ever got taken. So I went to the photographer, and he said to me he goes, all right? We've talked setup he's got the cameras and the lights says. Before we take this. You might want to go get the tooth filed. I go. Thomma tooth is a little longer than the other one. I go, oh, really? This. You get that filed. Okay. And they come back. So I went back with this back when was phone boots the yellow pages. Yeah. So I look up a dentist. No insurance. Go to see the guy says, yeah, I could file that for it'd be about eighty bucks, eighty bucks. What what what are you gonna do? Just file it I go. Let me see the file shows it to me. And I go left forget it no way by. So I go to the drugstore by.

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