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Of an event celebration unless a real policy during something like national ice cream. It sounds like you're looking to change that. But what do you say to that criticism of whatever they had been in the last several years? I think if you were to ask folks who are involved in movements for human rights for peace for any number of broad social issues, whether they would like to have a worldwide event where even for one day, the planet focuses upon their issues and their resounding debated. But in the end, if you believe that we are rational creatures, and you believe in democracy that that debate will produce good results. Firth day network board chair emeritus Dennis Hayes. Every one of them would leap at it. The environmental movement is blessed with us event now to be sure many of the things that it does are just introducing people to the issues you take sixth grader out and they pick up recycled some aluminum cans, and perhaps plant some trees. But that first step is a step down a long journey any number of people who planted a tree when they were in grade school for Earth Day. Who then took their children to see that tree when it was twenty five or thirty years old and this year, they'll be taking their grandchildren to see that tree. It gets a wide variety of things for a variety of different people. But we definitely want this to have an impact beyond just the introductory impact. We've run out of time. It's time now to move aggressively on climate..

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