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Number three in los angeles rams at number four if i was to be ranking this district off a week one performances which i think is what they are ranking. I mean seattle. Los angeles the niners separate the fourth quarter. There's a lot of movement in my eyes. Kansas city was downtown but they flip a switch and come back and win whenever they want. Tom brady had that moment where he saw the other team. Take a leading pissed off. He's gonna come back and win. This thing the seahawks rams though in the niners i believe for three quarters game appeared to be the best squads in the nfl. This rankings in the saints at nine is absurd by the way we especially with what they did to the packers. So we have a lot of question marks but i think everybody would agree. Top ten. seems like that's probably the bundle. Everybody's gonna pick for unless the raiders deserve to be in there especially. If you're going to have the ravens in we'll even cowboys i mean. I feel like the ravens aren't the most impressive team that lost on this weekend or at least one. That doesn't warrant. The i thought the cowboys looked just as good as the ravens. If not better the afc west in the nfc west are all wanna know. Okay so everybody in the afc west. An nfc west is one and only couple teams from reaching their. I think that is a fascinating thing as well in the packers aren't even in top ten so that tells us that they're judging strictly on week one performances if the packers aren't in there unless they're predicting that the packers are going to stink. I'm fascinated by this whole thing and it's obviously great fodder but there's some outright bullshit on this list. I'm on necessarily happy for sure. I mean houston texans. Need to be on here. They looked unbelievable week. One granted they played jaguars but they beat the shit out of them. Everyone thought they were gonna go and seventeen this year. I mean eleven okay then there Cardinals should definitely be up there. Yeah they absolutely dog walked team. Who won their division last year and everyone thought they were going to be better this year. They absolutely embarrassed. Titans they in nashville. They should definitely be in the top. And i have a question like how do you rank the kansas city chiefs above the super bowl champ tampa bay buccaneers now. Much different time. They played against each other. Obviously different offense alone for patrick mahomes. But they can't see chiefs double digits tampa bay buccaneers. I guess they had to come back and win that thing in the end but also like how do you you know how i don't know how many of these things work out. And we always must remember. Everybody gets upset about things about lists in rankings. And everything as you should. You always have to remember. Who's doing the voting in. Do we really give a fuck. What said person thinks now. Assume in those eighty-one people that are voting. We do have respect for at least a couple of people. Oh yeah. I would say that but there are some outcomes on this particular just the first. Nfl power rankings. That we have seen in the middle of the season. We will judge every single week by the way it is beautiful thing and we think. Espn for putting together to be completely transparent but there's some new big skill. There's people have no idea what they're talking about. You're talking about football. Makes me feel how. I felt when i was watching Monday night. I didn't know anything about football. Yeah i just realized chuck by the way needs to get hip to the monday night. He will love football people. Love the manning thing. It is literally a fire hose of football information. Coming right down gall it from the manning brothers and whoever their guest is. I absolutely enjoyed it and i would like to see the manning brothers put together power rankings. They probably wouldn't by the way because they have no idea what the teams are going to look like four four weeks from now five weeks from now. And that's kinda how we all feel that has ever been in a locker room like some teams. Mike completely flipped selection. Be great some teams might check out and stink. You have no idea what a team's going to become especially if you don't culture is but some things on there. I mean the steelers being below the bills just because you can't have. They already competed for who'd be higher on ceiling. People were picking the bills to win win or go to the super bowl this year. Still by the way still titan steelers go into their house but if this is just ranking where we currently stand. I mean literally. They had a scoreboard up for the eight in the five team to figure out who should be running tire in the eighteen scored more points than five. And i'm not saying and i love the bow blaming. I love the buffalo bills. And i think they could change and continue to only get better through the season. They have a bunch of stars. I believe in josh allen. I believe in being believe in mcdiarmid. But if you're just looking at this list for what it is it's like. They already competed. Little play games on matters it. Just what you think. And predict i guess. Is that what. We're the eighty-one smarter than the actual game itself because the game itself is what we're talking about. I thought yeah. I mean i. I don't understand it. it's gotta make you feel a little bit better about the colts. The number three seattle seahawks where the team that took them out. I was saying the number one chelsea and team looks unbelievable. And now that. I'm big fan. Russell wilson to after his monday night manning performance. I'm i like seahawks. Upper twelve deserve to. You know what i mean. Oh yeah the twelfth. Deserve their at home. This weekend against titans Yes titans. I'm a better russell wilson until further notice as well. He's one of the people that i'm betting on until further notice arizona cardinals also a team. I'm betting on until further. Notice their minus four and a half at home. With the vikings mike zimmer and kirk cousins allegedly just watch film for the first time ever together. I think the cardinals at home. That seems like a right bet i do. Not know is going to be like the vikings they still get delving. Cook but jonah jones jay boys boys completely forgot. They got a brand new defense chandler jones five sacks out there eating as well collar murray and cliff kingsbury seem to have a different attitude. Different tone this year as they did in the past. Aj green andre hopkins teams either. The oh man okay. So we will bet on seattle seahawks at home against the tennessee. Titans believe that's four and a half as well Five hundred seventy five and a half. that's very small. I mean. I i got i got sick but i want to say that good. Five half seems to be a lot but the back in the building for the first time in eighteen months in the way. Russell wilson looked in. Maybe that off season did bring them more together. Maybe they were forced to have real conversations with each other about how things are going and what needs to happen and how things need to go. I just believed that the seahawks after russell wilson's performance not only dunking on the colts. A couple times which. I believe that have a great defensive. We'll also transform here but also what he did on monday. i manning. that's i want to bet on. Yeah but you got to think that variables got two boys work in this week and fired up and you've talked about before how would say like i..

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