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To itself men it is color nicos system today we are talking to tear a little feel and she knows that this world a plant sus an exactly a perfect world but as the state bond inched with the kentucky state nature preserves commission we will probe into what's good in bad in which threatening this green green grass of home tara welcome thank you for having me i can walk outside guy with my wife down the street in she asked me who country is that what kind of plant is that that i will say i have no clue who are moammar law and i've trim by hedges think i have a maple tree the front yard too you're talking to somebody is clueless so forgive me you know plants probably better i guess than anybody in the in the status that a fair assumption probably most what's wrong with greenery in this scenery you've heard that a million times yes yes my powerpoint scientists well and i want to talk about what as we look out on the hill side of the force to the field or people's backyards and say what is there what shouldn't be what's in produced so i'm curious about these things into helped me with a couple of definitions up front botany verses horticulture versus somebody likes to garden arrays flowers well botany is just the general term for the study of plants and there's there's all different kinds of planned to you could study you could steady horticultural plants keno landscaping gardening and you can study native plants and like that's what i do i am a specialist in in the native plants have kentucky so there's a whole different type two plant site that you can study if someone is into horticulture being in that horticulture is is more of the you know the study of using plants in in gardening and landscaping men in you can use nonnative plants from all across the world and in horticulture and and it sits definitely becoming more popular to start using native plants in in landscaping and and horticulture as well the exotic plants is a term that comes up and mentioned this on other shows that the term exotic if you use if you have an exotic car or if you have.

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