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There is also an option for parents to have their Children stay. Online at home if they prefer. It's really important that we allow parents to make that choice. It's board member Scott Carlson there back to school plan in this canyon school district. They want to reopen. And returned to in person learning in the Canyon district's proposed plans to reopen It includes three different options that would be available to families to choose from for the fall school semester. The first option would provide a completely in person learning experience. That would be a similar as possible. So what students are you used to? The second provides I 100% online platform where students will be taught remotely through their school within the district, And finally, 1/3 option would allow parents to homeschool their Children using a curriculum provided by the parents. I mean, this is the way to do it is is give people a choice and what they're comfortable with, But the thing that scared me was, the people in the Alpine district said. Well, that's fine. But I'm sending my kid to school without a mask. Anyway, I don't care what you say. I'm sending him with that. Yeah. Then if you feel that way about it, then keep your kids home. After witnessing an alarming spike in Corona virus cases Top leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints here in Utah amped up their support for masks Friday by asking all members of the beehive state to be good citizens by wearing facemasks coverings while in public. This message came from the Utah area presidency. The three member presidency, led by General Authority 70 Craig see, Christy Anson said. A growing chorus of medical experts has repeatedly reaffirmed that wearing a mask in public ones. And when social distancing is not possible will significantly reduce the spread of covert 19. This is true both indoors and outdoors, said the church leaders. They also thank those latter day Saints who have dawned masks when returning to worship service. But the letter that they put out didn't call for government officials to require that Utahns put on Face coverings, a plea that many health care authorities have. Invoked. I'm glad that the's church presidents said this that's terrific. But we need the actual church presidency. To step up and be leaders. And tell their followers. You need to be wearing a mask. Well, they need tell the Governor governor you need to tell everybody. The governor will get the letter in the ward newsletter. And then he'll go heaven. Oh, I didn't realize I guess we need to do this. Well, press. I'm the governor of the state, but but President Nelson says we should wear masks, so okay, everybody put him on. Come on. I recognize that somebody tell somebody to do something. Elaine Maxwell. Was made an appearance remotely. Ah, hearing a bail hearing yesterday. Ah and ah So her attorney, Mark Cohen, began by describing the inhuman conditions that his multi millionaire client friend of princes and presidents has suffered in jail. Just she's she is suffering so lot of your own ear, You know acknowledgement of multiple survivors of childhood sexual abuse of her decades long involvement with the late pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Just just the lawyer Cohen, riding a bullet trained to the really important stuff like she's all alone in her room lights on all the time. She wasn't allowed a shower for 72 hours. I mean, really, What good is jail time without fancy pajamas in a shower, you know, and a mask that you can wear. But she is doesn't look like she's going to get bail. Um They talked about. The government lawyers talked about how what a flight risk she would be. They talked about how she was hiding out in New Hampshire, and they said when when we raided the place she was staying. We found a cell phone wrapped up in tin foil because she thought that would protect her from being people be able to have a hat to hat. No, that's great. Thie. Internet Never disappoints. Finally, this story. Physically speaking. Researchers conclude. That it would be unlikely that anyone could ever top the amount. Off 80. What is it? 83 hot dogs eaten by a single person in one sitting Current world record is 74. It's a bar set by parental, perennial competitive eating champion Joey Chestnut, but this theoretical 84 hot dog limit Is inviting many many questions. What are the limitations? Just how much food on a human stomach Possibly hold or is it a chewing and swallowing thing? I mean, if we could just unhinge our jaws like pythons with the number of hot dogs you could swallow go up. But there is a study that has answers that says We think that the limit is 80 for hot dogs. It's not good for you, they say. 74 hot dogs is roughly equivalent to 21,000 calories. How much sodium to know, but But they say, we think that maybe Joey Chestnut could eat 80 for hot dogs. He hasn't done it yet. It may someday it's something to shoot for. Well, there's your sports. Gina. Sorry. That's okay. It's always time for so weather traffic. Yeah, we're creeping back up there yesterday. Actually kind of felt cool, which is weird, even though in the upper Today will be 91 we do still have that bad air we've been dealing with because it's hot and nothing's moving it around. So for some tips on helping out with our ozone layer in your Involvement in making the air worse. Go to x 96 dot com. We've got that you care program going on. You get some tips there on what you can do to help traffic..

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