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The plug because he's on right now with me to talk about Biden's proposed gun tax, which I personally thinks unconstitutional, David Prince, how you doing? Rick. I'm great. I'm always glad to talk to you and always glad that's not over our fallen officer that we so many times I have to talk about. But we may be talking about the death knell for the Second Amendment, but It's at least not of human life dying here today that we get to talk. So David, but every time in there for a while it was way too often, but every time an officer falls David Knight talk about raising money for the surviving family, and I'm glad you're right, David. I'm glad that's not what this conversation is about. But anyways, perhaps what affected Ah lot of people. Biden's proposed gun tax is this thing, even constitutional. It doesn't sound like I mean, he says he wants to have the sensitive to the kind of Second Amendment, but it's limited and then have common sense Gun safety policies. Well, the, uh, having you to register your farm and then also anybody buying a farm in the future? He says You're gonna have to get a license before you could buy a firearm. I've spent the last You know, several nauseated me hours reading on Joe Biden, calm his, UM, says the Biden plan to end our gun violence epidemic and It's just nauseated to have to read what he's planning on doing to our second Amendment. Yeah, this is like blaming silverware for people being overweight. This, you know, he says he wants to put in place. Attacks on certain games of people already own, according to one guy that looked at this, he said. That plan to tax guns that you already own and have in your possession could cost the country $34 billion. And then, of course, they want to get rid of the so called assault weapons. Um And who's to say what those are? Yeah, No, there's no definition on that one. That's truly easily to follow. But his claim is on his website. That's not just you're saying it's not Some other things. It's on his website that he wants to ban all assault weapons and high capacity magazine. But in the meantime until he gets that legislation through, he is going to executive order. Stop all imports of Assault weapons on weapons of war. But back to your point of typically, that tax is a $200 tax. You get anything you go through the N f a suppressors machine guns, short barrels. You have to pay a $200 tax fears that And, um That way. If you multiply that out of to rust estimate of how many long guns they are 15 style rifles, Um Suppressor. I mean rifles and other semi automatic firearms is what he's calling them. Who knows what he's gonna reach out and make it happen. But $200 time's rough estimate, you know when you're coming up to 30 to $40 billion That Tried owners have to pay. Just to keep their guns. Oh, by the way, he's gonna lie. You just sell him back. If you'd like to go to the federal government, just this just makes absolute well. Yeah, By the way, if you're listening, and you don't know anything about guns, and you think, Well, this may be a good way to get machine guns off the street. While machine guns aren't honest, a semi automatic weapon, you have to pull the trigger each time to fire around. A machine gun. You can hold it down has automatic fire. Not everybody can just walk in and buy one of those there. There. There are quite a few regulations, right? Tons, regulations and cost it's cost prohibitive but back, you know, being a cost what this regulation and what he's planning on doing is taxing that some of the poorest people that are trying their best to protect their families. This is going to be unfair Tax one unconstitutional to It's going to hurt the people that they're de funding police and now you're gonna make it. Monetarily impossible for them to be able to afford firearms. To protect their families. And then on top of that he's trying to get the can imagine what's gonna cost to buy a farm in the future when he takes the liability protection off the manufacturers. That was the other goal He's playing on. Correct me if I'm wrong, David talking with David Prints, owner of Evil Gun ranges here in Dallas. Great guy. If you haven't been out there, you need to go out. You'll be Surprised Biden is arguing He has the right to do this to tax people that already owned some of these guns. Um $200 each well, he's arguing that the National Firearms Act has been in place since 1934 and yeah, it has. With that tax on. Lee applies when a gun is manufacturer, not toe already possessed firearms. In other words, e know what he's saying. The national firearms at 1934. I get it. But that's that goes with every time I got his manufacturing, that's what it's about. It's not about your firearm you keep in your home for self protection. I think this goes directly against the Constitution. Yeah, it does. Because you have to basically shall not in France, where there If this is an infringement, I'm not exactly sure what dictionary. He's reading the word of a bridge but out of because it's uh It's all the Democrat different dictionary Night Web search or anybody else, but it's It's really sad. I mean it, Z. It's like is that I read this thing and my blood's boiling and that's hard to keep down. Good, positive attitude about anything he's going to do. But right now our our second amendment is seriously seriously under attack. He's He is not gonna get anything. Between the funding the police and telling you, you gotta pay a whole lot more to be able to protect your own self and your family. It's just a sad state of affairs of our nation has elected Temporarily right now. So yeah. You know, when you think this out to the logical end David they want to defund police, which only harms those high crime areas, which are generally the areas they're saying they want to protect. But they're not protecting if they get rid of police and then making him or difficulty, if impossible to buy a firearm or the most in most probability, it's Yeah. You can have a gun, but you can't buy any ammunition. Um, I mean, it makes no sense. Who do they think you're You're your own first responder. Are you not came into that? All right now, but it still could be. The one thing that he went on to say is that He's playing on getting rid of firearm sales on the Internet, which grateful big brick and mortar companies like myself. But you know, if he ends up taxing, removing the liability protection from manufacturers, they're going to pass it on down to us. Sure, in that attack, that insurance is gonna be astronomical. I don't know how many Small companies like myself small homeland family owned businesses, Camille, the Ford made Our insurance rates are astronomical now, so there's a lot of rabbit holes. This thing's gonna lead down into and none of our good It's There was a snake at the end of one every one of these rabbit holes. He's trying to put us down. Well, David, listen, I thank you for joining me Anything it Z Firearm related and legislative. I always defer to David because number one, he's a good guy. I trust him explicitly runs just a first class state of the yard operation. Whether you know no matter where you happen to be Lewisville or farmers branch on But like I said, Let me give you another cheesy plug here. Every Tuesdays Ladies Day E. I mean Your rent lanes for five bucks and handguns for free If you persist the ammunition and they get the free youth safety classes, basic pistol classes. $50 LTC classes..

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