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So i don't necessarily blame joe flacco for not texting lamar jackson back because here's another thing you often see this in the first round like when saquon barkley drafted or derwin james is drafted or whoever and they say when they first get your rookie minicamp they go you know it was pretty cool on draft night during james at no if he said this but it's the it's feels like this happens every year ally manning texted me derwin jay's philip rivers set me text that night and i said thanks mr rivers thanks mr manning and the quotes always goes they respond just call me call me philo well it's easy to send that text when your position it's another thing to send that text when it's a rookie quarterback you know in your over thirty and you know they'll get rid of you so you know what i defend joe flacco now i wouldn't offend joe flacco if it comes out that by the end of ota's he refuses to make eye contact if he's being really petty but i have no problem with until you meet the guy you know him a text back you don't own anything if anything this is more reflection on the mark jackson if his camp like this and it's one hundred percent a reflection on the baltimore ravens if they're already leaking this goes in trouble it does come from the baltimore ravens one hundred percent red flag in major trouble now you could argue his place put him in trouble fair i would agree but the tide is ever changing now his replacement is in house joe flacco better play his best football or he's going to be holding a clipboard you know i would say by told her.

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