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You look around you might feel prize in short supply these days everything's being disrupted, but Ford has been around for a hundred and fifteen years, and we know the only constant is change so disruption. Yeah. Is what we do every day. You see we still take pride in what we build and how we build we even take pride in taking pride in the world could use more of that right now. Because if you don't believe in what you're doing. Why do it at all built Ford crown? Hall, Indiana, thirty one Marquette twenty two seven fifty eight left in this first half of play. Don't forget the joy coach Archie Miller at seven oh five on Monday nights for its basketball. It's hosted live at the Holiday Inn hotel in Bloomington, located at Kinser pike and Forty-six. He's got one more show before we take a break for several months in a row bullet tell you more about that a little bit later on nevertheless, Indiana right now on top of Markelle, and this has been a physical starts to this basketball game. I have -solutely Lavin's one the officials let him play a little bit especially inside the pain that last possession. Jon Morgan defensively was applying example, it's a one on one 'isolation play speed down to the baseline. There is a lot of contact. Some other games. Maybe they call a charge. Maybe they call a block. No, call great defensive stop for this Indiana team at both ends of the court. These officials are letting these guys play the games not out of hand. But it's two very physical big athletic teams going at each other. And it's a really fun basketball game to watch shooting the Baldo team shooting from the field. This is what college basketball is all all about just under eight minutes up to go in this first half, Indiana, still hold onto that nine point lead Danna shooting. Sixty one percent of the first half of the fifty percent for Marquette show for all the defensive play that we were going to see tonight. These two are still storing it, and of course, Sam Hauser's phenomenal Marquette he has carried Marquette six nine. He's got fourteen Marquette's forty three points as you mentioned earlier against really good defense outstretched hands contested shops, and how Houser has really been tough to guard. I hope he cools down just a little bit. I mean, he can't keep up this may Indiana's done a really nice job on Marcus Howard. Who's only two of three. But boy this same Hauser has been really good Robson ac-. We'll bring it up for Indiana. It across the timeline against Howard throws it over to Romeo Langford gifts to her outside of the perimeter. Did Al Durham and now we got a whistle down low, and we've got a foul called and this is going to go. I think. They call it on a new patiently day Matt hell who said for the first time out of the timeout. Coach Miller calls across screen down low on the blocks for Jon Morgan gets a foul inbound copying backups to Romeo into fits to who drives puts the left hand stores. Allan has played terrific. He's got ten points for Indiana. Thirty three to twenty two in Indiana's lead has increased to eleven again here is house or Joey with the ball. Right. Demarcus knocked away by Seabrook. Pick back up by Marcus Howard. Then back outside of comes to Sam Houser. Houser dribbles to the reach Gina circles gives the Chartouni. He flips it out to Marcus Howard who backs it up. Here court gets a screen works to the lap cutoff by Joon mortgage. Broza download Matt held held work Jurong of our. Our? So Indiana gets the basketball back fence again drawn Morgan Marquette's going to have trouble with their setting ball. Screens and doin Morgan's involved. Defensively. Did a great job making Marcus Howard, pick up his pick up the ball when the past cage want sprint it back down to baseline. I'm telling you what garner ball screen defensively is a big. There's not many in the country that are as good as on more than he is. I think they call a shot clock violation there rather than stepping out of badge. Whatever the case thirty three twenty two Indiana, hoosiers ball pitcher gives it off to the right way. He brings it back out on the dribble. He works against Sam Houser stops looks inside turns around and feeds down low pitchesr baseline cutoff throws it outside the fantasy five on the shot clock. Now, they feed it the Durham for three try. It's off the Mark didn't hit the rim. Marcus hours. Got the rebound for Marquette back the other way Howard and gonna get called for the foul. He stepped right on line there. Ministy is going to be now Alabi his second. That's where Marquette percha tough shot from Indiana and Marcus Howard picks up the rebound. He's been really good as a point guard rebound the ball. This year is averaging eight rebounds in the first two ballgames if he'd get that defensive rebound the entire team runs, and it's really tough Howard in front. Charge. Shot by Marcus Howard is no. And this guy is going. Shack tonight. He didn't miss many free throws eighty seven percent from the line on the season. Here's you are mortar with the basketball backs down. Matt held gets help from Hauser cutting off rose, not the Durham, not a fisker. He takes the three. Then fires the three. There's got his. Game. Grad transfer vacant himself, a favorite hero, the cyberscout assembly hall power now with the basketball dribbles allow fires at left gives the San Suu car. Download Matt health he pitches quarter to Chartouni back the hell down low throws it up misses the shot, but a foul called on Indiana. And I think they got your border. More than that will be his second. So Indiana starting to get a little foul trouble. I thought they could have called it on Romeo. That's a tough call. They're doin' came. From the weak side off the ball to block that shot. That's a tough one. That's the second for doin' as you mentioned a tough decision here for coach knowing what do you do is gonna put garage Davis in the ball game. Is Matt hell comes to the line and knocks down the free. Throw held does picked up his first ballgame he'll have a segment shot coming is Johnson style with to Doron. Davis is in forum Robert Fitoussi chops to the sideline Anderson. Replace him. So you got Pittsburgh Davis. Anderson Langford and Al Durham in the bowl game in the second free. Throw by mad held is good. He's got his first four this lineup. I gotta think Indian is gonna try to run something here for Romeo length for maybe a downstream where it curls into the lane. But he's your primary scorer out there with this lineup. Now, you've got full court pressure being applied by Marquette with five fifty four to go easy. Anderson will inbound he gets it into Al Durham Durham turns around against Howard and our bring it up. It's an across the timeline. Screen worst to the right drives all the way to the hole. Throes it inside the Davis who has the ball knocked away. But a foul is called. And I think are going to whistle. Best one on whom looks like supercar annum. Anna picks up his first followed the contest and Rod Davis will go to the free throw line. Indiana. I think is only missed one free toss thus far five of six in the live. Davis is really struggled at the line to five last year is just over fifty percent. And he misses that one off the back of the room. Ron yet the score in this ball game last year. He averaged nine point six points before he suffered the achilles tear that ended his season second shot on the way. Hips. His first free throw is I point I should say on his second attempt that story seven twenty four thirteen here is Howard outside Hauser than back off to Howard. He feeds Sakari animal. Weaves it to the right pulls up throws it out to Hauser. How's it gives back to Howard Howard dries into the lane? Sixteen foot jump shot on its way and rims. No, good rebound batted away into the hands of Sam Houser corner to Bailey Brennan Bailey back in a Howard Howard throws it back outside. They feed Bernie Bailey in the corner for a three he ribs it. No good at this time to rebounded, Iran. Davis author Robbie Alankar for across the Tom live works at left side on the wing penetrates into scoops. God. Elaborate is unreal. Gonna the whole thirty nine twenty four Indiana equals its biggest lead of the game. Now here is failing or make it our power to the left side. He fires up a three. It's no good short. The rebound comes off to the mazy. The amazing Anderson will bring it up or Indiana. He takes a leftover Romeo Langford. Got the basketball takes it drives it into the lane. Throws it up. He's got a chance for a twelve. Visser was gonna hit him with a ball screen Romeo rushed him away and said I love my matchup against Sam Houser Romeo. Langford at the top of the key had that Kotal mismatch with quickness and the ability attack the basket utilize his quickness rose up the contact and finish. And to your point boys. He finish around that room. Barra's held who gets his second personal fouls. Langford knocked out a free throw. Robie or has has twelve point forty two to twenty four. Is is gonna the Rams antibody. I think I've ever seen really good. These long is six six six eleven wingspan and bad. Control the basketball when he drives. Here's an would've asked her ball. Throws it outside the house where he feels left Howard. Marcus Howard goes to Brennan with a pass out to Joey Hauser. Sam on the parameter dribbles. It back outside is Indiana's defense continues to play top four eleven ago hair. This first half here is Marcus Howard. Fires a three authorized short rebound. Rubio. Langford pushes it up the floor all the way to the ramp. Still in the left hand. No offensive foul is called on robo Lakers. Got his second follow the ball. And that's a big one. Yeah. Yeah. Go and right there that's one where you pull up fifteen footer in transition. He's feeling it right now you wanted to take that job but a little bit out of control there. The defense had four minutes to go timeout is called Indiana's on top of Marquette forty two to twenty four..

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