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Earn this goes crazy OUGHTA make up to Boston now you're you're what's going on man you're rocking with the best you are now tuned in to another episode of behind abolishing yeah I'm your host and Baller Not Ben Humble where to God I got a fucking explain the people man when I was broke no paper I wasn't humble I was talking shit since I've been five years old I got suspended from school when I was five in kindergarten because I thought my auntie took a picture with pelvis I didn't know Elvis died years before all that Shit I and so some dude call me a liar and I worked his ass and then the teacher's aid try to stop it bananas slapped her and I got suspended in kindergarten I just been talking Shit period anyways man hope everyone had a good weekend let me start off by telling you how my weekend started I`Ma in the middle about shooting some things for for Cutty recording handling some other shit Going to meet fucking clients and I get a text my wife at ten forty seven on Friday as I'm just getting my date my Friday stardom weekend started and she's like Babe I gotta go pick up line from schools and I was like wait a second is there a series of problems because all these fires going on in La and there's just been constant fires like last few weeks of the air quality is just fucking terrible right and as I've mentioned before my son has severe asthma and if ain't the fucking food allergies and I'm saying it's too fucking asthma you know it's just the bad air but we thought it'd be okay he had a half day at school so we get a call my wife goes picks them up and I run a few errands the handle and head back to the House 'cause I wanna see what's going on my son get the house and he sees all right doesn't seem that bad you know give a treatment of nebulizer against how beautiful and get going so I guess the nighttime I forgot what the Fuck I did Friday night I didn't really do much because you know I'm just sitting here like Yo this is Friday night with my kids we just chilling so at around nine thirty ten o'clock Leonard Stars coughing like fucking crazy I love stars coffee man he's just he's just you know he's not doing so good and it was like man this is just some shit's him another treatment and I you know I'm asleep in bed with these guys man see what's going on I think I broke this down episode Botswana had issue with the fucking stupid fucking shopped at your no London man you know extremely brilliant very smart in other things he's he's he's laid on he was a very late talker I think broke down because it health issues I think there was a there was just issues with with just him speaking spoke late but he knew he smart smart so read right before nobody else very smart now he's even quite articulate for his age but going on my son speaks a lot more now you know Rider talks his ass up when Lennon was you know talk so much but you know he talks when he's comfortable when everybody he's able to tell me when things aren't right when you could tell me before really dealing with this issue at two years old he wasn't really talking very much it was hard for me to tell he'll what's going on you know can you breathe can you talk to me like talk to me so four fifty in the morning he wakes me up and he's like daddy on I'm I feel weak in season he goes I I I don't know I don't feel good that only my mask so I gave them a tree mint I'm up you know I forgot what fucking Taiwan went to bed with the one who's trying to you know Organiz some Shit House and watching over him worried so I'm like Oh I can't really do anything so I'm just literally constantly organizing you know the man cave take so much fucking manicuring fucking polishing all kinds of tidying up and shit to do so at around like finally six fifteen or six thirty I get some help my mother-in-law just pass out my wife has to take a class says mandatory there's nothing she can do about it is regarding my son's school in like being able to be teachers and it can aid and help out and go to field trips and stuff so I route nine thirty mother-in-law wakes me up psyche as he's cry for the mass again I'm like fuck man this shit just ain't no good so I go down there shake his oxygen his auctions real low and I'm like here we go it's been a minute you know this is something I just never ever want to get used to again in just just fuck that and Thank God I canceled my trips we go to the right so we're done with that and I got people hit me up and you know it's it's tough man the people who are important that you know and everyone's porn have was busy in everyone's famous and shit in La Right and so I gotTa do to actually is a very powerful person you know he's trying to hit me up and I just now getting back to him and then I show them picture meet my my son in the hospital I'm like well this is what I'm dealing with this is something that's been going on for a long time and he's like Joe Family I I apologize acknowledge all good I feel bad I'm trying to you know it's a to fucking handicapped you know in in life it sucks so I go to the art and we get a steroid shot form and it's not that bad but he just in order for him to get over that Hump He needs some assistance you know and I want to do next because he oughta xrays as he was a little kid so we get the steroid in London hates getting shots thing about London is one of the small dude writes fifty inches tall he's a he's offers age real skinny ever since he was maybe two or three he could fuck in it would take five grown men like five adult nurses men I'm talking about grown men not five six big built dudes over one seventy five of them to hold them down sometimes get a shot or get IV in him he will fucking crazy already knew this Asian doctor and his lady nurses wasn't going to be enough and so holding down he gets his shot he he's fucking just pissed as fuck he goes crazy but within like twenty thirty minutes he's feeling better his saturation auctions getting no better and everything so I'm like all right let's get out of here let's get these crack in and again that was my Saturday now right and so my Saturdays just I'm like Jesus Christ I have totally fucking for God got a fucking fixed bobbins Murakami chain this is like no small Java can't send anybody else on top of that I've been dealing with Alvin for the last three years and I've never gone to see a show his it's motherfucker sells out arenas sells out sixty seventy thousand person arenas by himself no fucking no other lead name would ever and he's been crushing shit for years own just been making joy from Hebron he dropped a bag right bobbins spent shit over million dollars me any good do one of the nicest people in the world sometimes I tell them I wish she was a bigger Dick and more of an ass think he'd be a more famous I mean he's already enormously famous in the land community bump saying he's just a very just kind person gentleman's a super nice guy so he's hitting me up I'm the man I'm telling you I don't know what I'm saying like I'm just like and my wife really wants to go and Emma family members want to go and I'm just like we dig about London right and we gotta TV's attorney Corner So you know meanwhile so I'm like trying to get him his favorite food you know I'm just hoping this fucking stairway kicks in and we'd have to give me treats or anything else in this is like probably while one PM now we were in the Er for a minute and we got discharged quick we get back to the House and he's you know getting almost back to normal and I'm like by six or seven o'clock if he ain't it like a ninety six on his oxygen and if he ain't like talking eating everything by the way I forgot to mention he threw up like five times he certain point he's just doing a complete water he's throwing up all his food could be dehydrated fucking miserable is oh body hurts everything he's just he can't hold down shit right so it's just been a fucking just fucked up time and finally again he turns a corner Radimov five or six PM he was cool all day he ate had a full meal and I'm telling you guys beat this because this is part of parenting does the Kinda Shit you gotta deal with I don't wish this upon anybody persona was Jalen my I almost rather the jail than have to deal with this shit like this it's it's really crazy when you see your son hooked up to oxygen machines going to fuck an ICU and all those type of things but God thank fucking God he turned the corner you know and he was all right and one thing that I do when he gets really sick and I'm just China Monitoring. I just can't really focus because I'm a heavy sleeper how could fall asleep to a God damn airplane crashing into my home you know so I'm just like organizing the House and I need to give away a ton of clothes man I give my brother-in-law my father-in-law close I give a lot of homes close but it's just like I just have a bunch of right a bunch of pairs of shoes and size ten have almost all my clothes size xl. I don't rock a lot of this stuff I get a Lotta Shit for free man please stop sending me Shit if I ask you for it cool Oh and I you know I'm thankful but it's like God damn which brings me to remind you I'm never too proud to flip kicks I've said this before past episodes depending how got him you know if I wear them you already know that used Kit game the near dead stock that's crazy as game right there right and if I already got my use of sidebar house and a picture of me and my wife and London where Knightsbridge and some do commented on my wife's picture that go a bit he overpay for those Travis Scott ones and my wife was like well econom- free so like exactly like shut the fuck but going back I'm not too proud I will go grab me cool three thousand dollars or more for Shit I'm knockin wear anymore should that's just sit around traded for something else I'm doper Shit but yeah I will collect cash quick you know what I'm saying like give some things away I whenever you know if I'd all of a sudden come into five grand some shoes yeah you know give my mom so many gifts other people money that don't need it just you know giving ex- shit here and there that's my charity sometimes like I said I take care of my own at the same time this people who I take care of in the Philippines who need money and they get money so there's a lot of people that take care of on a regular basis like and a lot of people that I employ there's a lot of people that I feed so Saturday night j Galvin good stardust down the GTC because I got my brother Lama sister-in-law with us and me and my wife and my brother in law and my sister-in-law we double date down the staple center and we go see my man j Galvin and let me motherfucking tell you God damn Jose Aka j Galvin every mother fucking song this do does is a dance song is crazy to energy in there was nuts he sold out the mother fucking staples earlier this place was rocking he had mother fuckers from seven years of age all the way up to in their sixties Mexican women that there was in there going off it was crazy right staple center one thing I forgot because I don't really go to concerts and Shit when you go to Laker Games right you know the southwest VIP Valets two hundred dollars people complain about an ice complain about it but it's kind of like you'll man the convenience just going in I don't want to deal with shit you know it's like boom southwest VIP floor entrance is right there and for concerts I didn't noticed dollar so it's cutting have nine Wassall crazy right off so many people when you know spend a hundred bucks on parking but that's like kind of cheapen La's nightclub he going to drop one hundred on VIP Valet easy so valve and he left four backstage passes all acts s. four tickets I was real thankful man this month fuck really left he gave us.

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