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Did share in post after the olympics. You share that. If you had told corey mcgee. Three years ago that she'd be an olympian that that corey would not have believed you. I wanted to talk about that a bit more. Because you said that you sort of loss yourself lost hope during that time. Can you tell us a little bit more about that when you look back on that time. About what life looked like and and how you got past it definitely. I mean it. It was i definitely went through a rut for a few years and it was mostly associated with performance. Not like i wasn't happy in my life but i was going through a few years of just like stagnant performance and I think that that is pretty normal. I wouldn't say that that's something that i hadn't gone through before but really not to this degree and so to kind of go from running in college and races were sort of Consistent in the sense that i felt really good when i arrive at the sec championship. I felt really good competing in ncaa's but then of course you get to the next level. And it's so competitive. And i always have had a confidence in my competitiveness in my performance. But you just don't win as many races at the pro level. And i was i. I'm okay with that. I can wrap my head around that reality. But my times weren't improving and often the thing that i think as runners we can kind of derive excitement from and sort of uses. A measure of course is not just winning but seeing yourself improved In your times. And so i think i had four years in boston where the third year actually was pretty good but i- sustained an injury in my sacred and and it knocked me back again and so i think i sort of figured out how to make it work but then had this injury and then i gave it another year to say okay. Well if the pieces come together then this is where. I'm gonna stay and continue to train but then i went to the us championship the next year. And i was the first one out of the final. And i wouldn't say that i had this is thought of like i'm not happy. I'm not improving. But i just wasn't expecting as much out of myself so had sort of just adapted to the fact that i i had a lower standard for my own self and i think that the reason why being from a small town where running wasn't very popular and then finding my way to school with a great track team and then eventually of course running for new balance was because i've always been my own biggest like my own biggest believer And i think you kind of have to have that within yourself and not saying if you talk about it or you put it out there. But you just kind of have this innate deep

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