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Actor Jesse Smolin is back at work after posting bail Thursday in Chicago sources tell the Hollywood reporter that he never complained about a salary of one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars per episode Chicago police claimed that smell it's motivation for paying two brothers thirty five hundred dollars to help him station attack was because he wanted more money. A federal judge in Washington DC is tightening the limited gag order on longtime Trump ally. Roger stone Tom Roberts reports. Judge Amy Berman Jackson told stone on Thursday that he can make no further public comments about his case stone is charged with witness tampering. Obstruction of Justice and making false statements to congress the cases related to special counsel, Robert Muller's Russia investigation. Tom Roberts NBC, News Radio the North Carolina board of elections has ordered a new election and that state's ninth congressional district. No winner was declared after November's disputed election amid allegations of voter fraud, Republican Mark Harris, led democrat, Dan mccready by nine hundred and five. Votes when the election ended one of Harrison's political operatives allegedly tampered with mail-in ballots, Harris his son testified this week that he warned his dad about the operative. Who is a convicted felon the US Coast Guard Lieutenant who was arrested for plotting a massive domestic terror attack is going to remain in custody for at least two weeks as prosecutors build a case against him. The US government is going to use that time to find evidence. That shows Christopher asan's intent was to harm prominent Democrats and journalists the FBI and the coast guard investigative service worked together to arrest him last week on gun and drug churches law enforcement found fifteen guns and more than one thousand rounds of ammunition at his home and a valuable, but illegal donation to a children's charity in Missouri is going up smoke big brothers and big sisters of the Ozarks said in a recent newsletter at last year, someone in Springfield donated a brick of marijuana. The cop said had a street value of three thousand dollars president of the organization said that was the most expensive thing that they've ever gotten in a donation bin. You're listening to the latest from NBC News Radio..

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