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I can just see the complexity of people's faces on their in their comments and the way they looked and the way they acted in the way they walked and because it it rocked us community and remember it was on the heels of the flora fire that killed those those four little girls in flora in the same county in the same rural county in the middle of America. You know so a lot of tragedy ajete tragedy a lot of sadness. A lot of her pain and sorrow I knew we were going to have a heavy burden. I just knew we were going to have a heavy burden Part of that was because of what the expectations would be coordinating event investigation of this. That's this complex I lost finger on my my personally my mind but as I looked around and I saw what was happening everyone knew that we were up to the task. There's a difference between up for the task and ready for the task. Twenty four hours after Abigail Williams and liberty German went missing what Doug Carter and his officers were about to see and learn well years later. It's still keeps them up at night near the waters of Deer Creek and Delphi less than a quarter mile from the bridge. Libya's sister Kelsey here searchers. Discover a black Nike Shoe. The same kind livy had been wearing the day before seconds later in a ravine filled with leaves volunteers in the search party. Find Two bodies. Police are also examining this snapchat photo. It was taken in just before both girls disappeared the announcement that the girls have been found in small to a good end. We are investigating. This is a trying seen. We suspect trek foul play. Law Enforcement is saying that one of the girls actually took video on her iphone. It was right before she was murdered. We have a we have a still photograph autograph. We have sound on this person's it could be half the white males and Carroll County to the killer who may be in this room. We likely had interviewed you. We know that this is about power to you. You want to know what we know in one day you will it down the hill. The Delphi murderers.

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