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Amazing that when. People are people like what you were saying about Cuomo and all these people on TV eventually like, Oh, I like being on TV that no one's immune to that just politicians or whatever. and. Even, if it's like no I like I WANNA promote Democrats or promote women they're still comes with like I don't like you. Yeah. So like that person, I wrote down their name and here last week. When somebody one of the early like Comedians who like? Went public with a rape and I was like Oh my God can you believe it was big thing we know one done that before in the comedy world that I was aware of and everyone's talking about and this person who is super into like when she goes that goes a liar just you know she lies a lot and you're like, wow, and it was like, Oh, you had your stuff before cloud how you reacted to. The personal even outweighed the political on that point. But I also think with Hillary Clinton a lot of that was just the political stuff like they're just like, okay. We have to ruin whoever is anti war and that's been going on for a long time in this country like anybody who's antiwar all the sudden we find out about all the skeletons in their closet and everything they've done. Hill and to have you know even though a lot more people see through the system today to have the last nominee come out and call someone in the Democratic primary a Russian asset. We'll do enough to get people going ooh, maybe I should stay away from that. So all the Hillary. Sixty five million people did vote for Hillary Clinton. Some of those people are going to be a little influenced by that. So they did that to her but the big difference between. wasted. that. Colder. Of. Tokyo. What is Tony me and she goes I, don't know and. Then, this is the amazing thing. This kind of goes to what you were saying about how great the debate on Rogan's show would be is that because Rogin it's not even like like this is like my favorite thing about the Joe's podcast is that it's not even like he he gets like he got angry at her or like. Don't say that about Tulsi Gabbard like I'm with he's Rogan's just like a bullshit detector. So when you say something that's bullshit he just goes with that doesn't make sense to me. So he literally just a couple follow up questions and she collapsed. Into herself shouldn't even know what the word meant. Let alone no listen if you want to years ago on this podcast. I went through the whole war in Syria and how fucking America started the civil war had they wanted basically the war hawks wanted another Iraq war that probably would have been a bigger disaster than Iraq and it did turn out to be a disaster and Tulsi Gabbard knows all of that shit like all of the shit that I talked about two years ago tolls Gabbard knows that shit as well better than than me. So that's what that why. She went to go meet with him in the same way that if someone went in fucking the year two, thousand two to go meet with Saddam Hussein and be like, can we work out a deal where we don't have to have this war? You could slander them as like, Europe your Saddam Toady. But the truth is that they knew that there was be another disastrous war coming up that we could maybe avoid and that's what she was trying to say. What other world leader? Yeah. Try to figure out ways around it and Fuck Barry. Weiss is whole thing man like she's okay on some of the cultural stuff but it's like you're going to sit here and be like Oh. There's this cancel culture and you just get labeled racist. If you WANNA have a different opinion I'm against all of that. But at the same time when someone. Has a different opinion on war. What did you do to her the same thing? You fucking slander her? Oh, she's she's an Assad. Toady. So pay no attention to the argument she's making just just like call her evil what happen is and and by the way one of the things I do like about Rogan I've seen Merrin do the same sort of thing when it comes like. We're like publicly say like this years ago one of the erasers that happened We'll be that guy was wrongdoing somebody's wide. You still talk to him and he goes because he's my friend. and. It was like I can say what things Rogan's had buried waste back on. Their I'm with you forever. No I think he he thinks she's got some interesting things because he likes her she does have some interesting things to say I just the hypocrisy of all of that drives me fucking crazy. The way they talk to the girlfriends but still friends with them and I think she also tried to get some college professor fired when she college for like being like critical of Israel. So it's just kind of like, okay. You should at least if you're going to be the champion of don't cancel people for having different opinions, don't don't label them as a horrible person listen to what they have to say then don't engage in you're. So that's what. His pocket started with all the things like how do they do this? How To do this? You have to stop and go by the way I've also done those horrible things. I'm just saying we have to stop doing we can fall prey to this but. We're trying not to be a blatant hypocrite at least I. Think what she did with I honestly think went berry rice was doing with that calling the toady of whatever is the same thing I'll do..

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