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Yes you know and he's sort of think of jokes and and you know it was right around the time blogs but you know was sort of often ryan such doesn't six and it was like it was the it was you know it was really the first time you could still publish and so it was cooled that there was a place where you could just dump your your material in my case that i that i wouldn't have been able to perform all that capably but i could i could form it into joe essays and stuff like that and and and i was also coming here deadspin at the time and back back in those days the comments would link to your blog like you click on my name when i made a funny comment right you know who that crazy a rod doing crazy thing you know take you to my directly to my side doesn't do that anymore and then like i would make friends in the comments which sounds so sad but that's how i that that offered and then we started kissing suzy kolber and then committed a populist on its own and then i got a column at deadspin and then just things just snowballed from there yeah so i remember those days i was working at fox sports net in la was my first real sports job i had been like a pr intern at a sports production company in chicago briefly before i moved out west and i was working at fox sports net and had decided instead of doing straight comedy and an improv i was going to try to combine my love of entertainment and comedy with sports so i got this up job and i was just trying to get as much content digest as much content as possible and i became stupor into kissing suzy kolber deadspin and all those sites but the thing i notice most about them was that part of being a sports writer on the internet was appealing to what you believe to be the sort of lowest common denominator of sports fans so it meant that like along with every sports joke and story was just tons of boobs right like that was that was how you drew people in was here here's the boobs of someone that's dating someone in sports or someone that's completely unrelated to sports.

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