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I'm John Shafer principals at secondary schools in the Clark county school district of passed a no confidence vote in superintendent. Hey, sues Jarrah unanimous vote came from the seventy two middle and high school principals after Jarrah announced he was eliminating one hundred seventy dean positions from the school's principal say they are outraged. They were not consulted about the cuts before the decision was announced via video that was posted online. Governor Steve's this lack of signed into law and increase of the minimum wage collective bargaining Bill and other measures fulfilling progressive wishlists and promises. He set out in the state of the state address the minimum wage law, incrementally, raise Nevada's minimum wage. Currently it's seven twenty five. An hour for workers who receive health insurance through their employer in eight twenty five for those who don't new law would raise those rates to eleven dollars for those with health benefits and twelve dollars for those without by the year, twenty twenty four. President Trump is defending his statements in an interview that he'd be willing to. Except political dirt from a foreign power. The president said in an exclusive interview with ABC news, George Stephanopoulos, that if offered dirt on twenty twenty opponent, I think I'd wanna hear it. And while he might report it to the FBI he'd be under no obligation. Democratic contenders are blasting that with Joe Biden calling it a threat to national security this morning. The president tweets he talks with foreign governments every day, about everything writing should I immediately call the FBI how ridiculous he adds. I'd never be trusted again. Saga megani Washington. A former Stanford sailing coach who avoided prison time for his role in college admissions scam says he is ashamed for bringing cloud over the university student athletes, coaches and alumni. Bless you down in that devastates. I have so much respect for all of you never wanted to let you down. But I did John van damore addressed reporters after a federal judge in Boston sentenced him to one day in prison, which he was deemed have served. He will serve two years of supervised release, including six months of home confinement is the first person to be sentenced in the sweeping case, which has also snared Hollywood celebrities and business executives a US house committee is blocked to the latest attempt in congress to restart the licensing process for the nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain. The house rules committee rejected a request by Illinois Representative John ships. Keep the project alive by setting aside money for the licensing.

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