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Will I be disappointed. Yes. I'm not going to be heartbroken. But based on everything I've seen. Yes, you've faced a favorable schedule. But the last three weeks you've pounded the teams you supposed to be a combined fifty eight points the eye test tells you they're further ahead than we expected them to be you get some favourable matchups going forward as well. And by the way, let's just say you don't win the division. Let's say you are a year away from dethroning the Minnesota Vikings. Okay. So now, you're a competitor for one of the wild card spots. The falcons are four and five just lost to Cleveland. The both the Cowboys and the eagles are four and five Panthers. Are there Panthers are six in three? I think that's six but. But but there's two wildcard spot. Right. So right now if you didn't win the division you're going to be vying with the Panthers for the two wildcards you're rooting for Seattle this weekend. Creditors day. I can't wait for Seattle hosting Green Bay. So so now, I factor in the two things you're better than I anticipated you to be this early for whatever reason, and I feel good about you and the other chips or the Domino's to fall in in your direction for setting you up. If in fact, the wildcard path is the route that you have to go with all of that sad, again, not going to be heartbroken, but I would be disappointed based on how things have have unfold thing. There's good news. I believe this is a good omen the poll results. So far sixty nine percents say yes, they'd be disappointed. I know it's even better even better than a sixty. Yes. Eighty five saying, yes. Bears eighty-five super bears Super Bowl. Yeah, I'm not predicting the Super Bowl, but I hope everyone's favorite numbers. Yeah. That's right. Fifteen percent say no. So you can weigh in on my it's only been up sixteen minutes, and we've had over thirteen hundred votes. Don't you feel like you'll I mean, it's one game. But don't you feel like you'll learn a lot about this team Sunday night. I'm sure that the way the escalated the stakes are higher. You're facing a better opponent. You're on your home surface division gain vision game. I think you'll learn it's it's not going to be a death sentence, nor is it going to be a ticket to the Super Bowl based on what happens, but I think you'll feel stronger about this team or you'll know more about them at eleven o'clock on Sunday night, Mark in south Elgin. You're on ESPN one thousand eight Mark. Are you doing guys? We're good. Can you hear me? Okay. Okay. Yeah. I want to say, you know, I won't be disappointed. If they don't make it to the playoffs the year. Always only because I've been watching every snap for the last nine games. And I really feel like they're better than we have been so many years it just feels so much better to have a team. That's exciting to watch a team that's making some steaks, but they're young. And I feel like next year. If we don't make the playoffs all of mistakes will be fixed. We're going to get a better kicker. I want that to happen. Everything is gonna be better overall. And I think that we're going to be making a noise playoffs next year. If you don't make it this year. Yeah, mark. I gotta tell you. I feel the same way. Of course, as I said, I'll be disappointed if they don't get there for the reasons we just mentioned, but I'm comforted by I don't know that I've ever felt more confident about their long term by long-term in the NFL. You're talking three to five years. I'll know that I felt more confident about the direction they're heading in a long time. We talked about it yesterday. There's a real core. Finally. And young there's growth that needs to happen. But it's all pointing in the right direction for sure Lucon three fifty five year on ESPN one thousand what's up, Luke. Hey, guys. I just wanted to give some respect to Nagy because I've been thinking about it after the game against the line. I think so I was one of the guys that got really angry with Mickey after the Packers game. I think that loss is a big reason because kind of how he handled it like every games here. Getting better on is big of a scale as like the overall plan on a even a smaller skills such as like playing a play calling all the plays. Really? Well, and I just want to give him some respect. I think like one thing that I like about Nagy at least, you know, this far in his tenure with the bears is like you're saying all the right things in the media like in his press conference. He. Like, he he was. Just started working bring all the right things regarding ARCHE like he sort of started enough not to give like all the fans the media enough to talk about right about, but he didn't throwing parking on the buck. So yeah, that's it. Luke, thanks. Yeah. I think all of this stuff is positive. We talked about we were talking about presence in cross talk about fried and some other coaches. Yeah. Like, he's got that presence to you know, that we you saw with McVeigh the not only did McVay have a good offensive playbook. But he he could relate to players, and it seems early that Nagy has done the same thing here. Yes. I know questionnaire is there's a bond that has been created early on at house all especially with a quarterback Jason Lockport, you're on ESPN with thousand. Hi, jay. Was going outside of the first time caller. I just had a question. Mainly got we we gotta pay Nagy like what two point five million next year. No matter what right snaggy or whatever the Turkey to kick. Her. Don't you think Dessel lesson for winning a playoff game? You know what I mean? Like, let's say do blows it over two point five million. So just that we lost. Right. You know what? I mean. Like, why can we despite is doing? Question. And I think they want to still see that they feel they've got time still this year and who else is out there too. Like who are you going to sign now? So they brought in Tampa just brought in Cairo Santos Santos. Who was here last year? Someone said to me why we didn't the bear sign. AM wasn't here last year. He had a groin injury. I think that they just couldn't get right? He was here then they had to release. I mean there there's a final amount of money that you can spend you can't have that much dead money. Attached to a kicker. There's no longer on your team unless he goes so far sideways that you have no other choice parkey MRs two of three this weekend. And they lose a national TV I think it becomes it becomes a bigger thing. It becomes a bigger discussion point. But I don't think it changes his listen, they gave him nine million dollars guaranteed. I know. But like the caller said, but there's no guarantee the guy you bring in is going to be any better. No, no. So now what I got is. I got nine million dollars guaranteed dead on my cap, and I got somebody else that I didn't think much of the comes in here who was the guy from Minnesota law. She read my wall. Wasn't player walls. Really good. He was great. And then they got as soon as it went bad it stayed that. And they got rid of them. Yes. Well, remember the he missed the what was it twenty three yarder against Seattle in the playoffs. That's like what really like seemed to break him. And it's weird because sometimes kickers just lose it. And how long the the NFL season is so short you don't have the time to wait around and see if they can get it, right, fix it. In house could lose it one year two for Seattle. He was so good. And then the next thing, you know, he was missing Crosby for that year. You know, they wrote him out. But like do the bears. Have the point is is if you were going to take that approach you'd have been better off, obviously with the benefit of hindsight. Not guaranteeing, a kicker nine million dollars, of course. But can I add in what drives me a little bit? Or what concerns me is? He's missing kicks that are short. In addition to the fact that he's he doesn't have a booming leg. Right. It seems like they're reluctant to let him try anything too far beyond fifty. What's his career long wasn't at fifty four longer than the Miami fifty four? But if you look in his career, he has an attempted a whole lot of fifty yards, which leads me to believe that everywhere. He's been the coaches haven't been super encouraged by the distance. He can get his kicks Robbie tweets were coming fast and furious last night with Ted Ravi hit a longer feel go to to start. Yeah. Then like I was tweeting Sunday night about, you know, the kid in Philly who's from here, or at least the area and Jake Elliott, and he through like a fifty it was like from what was it fifty eight Fifty-seven NBC that would have been good from sixty two and Harrison Butger guy that Nagy was familiar with last year young guy. They scouted him. Well, and and Dave solve their kicker issue. It's gonna be interesting. If he does miss a couple more what they decide to do. Well, the patients run out because of the money you said, yeah, I don't I think that there is. I mean, there's an enormous amount of rope. So to speak because of the financial commitment that they've made by the way, there is a more NFL news this expected because shefty's been on top of the story. Love EON bell did not report. So he's season is officially over had a report by the three o'clock deadline central time for. O'clock eastern. So his year is over he will be a free agent at the end of the year will play a single snap. This year..

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